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where do the days go?

I've been happily visiting everyone elses blogs and having a good read and then came back to mine and realised I haven't written anything for a few days! how did that escape me?? I think the hen thing knocked me off kilter a bit. Thanx to everyone sending well wishes for Layla, she's still waddling around and seems happy enough, time will tell but the outlook isnt that hopeful ...... I will be down 2 birds very soon as I have to get my lovely Rooster rehomed soon as there is a school just across the road from me and hes started cockadoodling at the school bells every half hour, so basically doesnt shut up for long LOL but he's upsetting the neighbours, its amazing how something so small can make so much noise! I will have to go chook shopping then as it will look a bit too empty out there for my liking - I know I will come home with more than 2 so its not all bad news :o)


Back to minis................................... can you hear the wind blowing ? yep thought so! I haven't done anything for ages, pfaffing is what I have been doing! I won't be idle long though as I'm going to see a friend over the weekend to be a 'guineapig' testing her workshop program for doll workshops that she's planning on starting, I think we are dressing tudor gentlemen (12th scale ones of course! LOL) - good excuse to catch up and have a drink or three too. I know I will come back inspired and will be busy for a while after, so I think my oomph and my mojo are currently waiting for me somwhere on the M5!


Julie Kendall said...

I will remember to pack the hangover cures then and don't run over your mojo or your Oomph
....will make sure we bring them back with us.............lol!!
lov n hugs

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I think spike is bautiful and if he would only stop making so much noise he could stay.
I know it sounds daft but can they not be trained not to make all the noise all day?
If so you could keep him.
Yes i know i'm daft... lol.
Hope you have a nice weekend testing with your friend.
Nikki x

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Julie - we'll have a good time, just keep watch on the motorway for me LOL
Nikki - yep Spike's a good looking chap, the photos really dont do him justice & I wish it were possible to 'train' him to be quiet but alas I have never known this to be possible - if anyone knows how I'd love to hear about it!

Debie Lyons said...

Wendiekins you are going to have a wonderful time with the girls :O) (going green, going green).
Spike, hubba, hubba LOL we have a male quail who crows all night on and off but so for no hassle.
I want a blow by blow account of what you have done and what you have made (please).
Drive Safely and be careful.
Mini Hugs

Debie xxx