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I'm back :o)

I'm back and had such a wonderful weekend :o) Julie (Jakdaw's attic) and I stopped off at Debie's (piskies & poppets) en-route to Tiggys for the weekend and could have stayed forever. We had a lovely meal and a great chat, her kids were absolute treasures and it was such a lovely welcoming and loving home that if we hadn't had to get to Tiggys, we defininitely would have stayed longer (although I wasnt keen on looking at her pet spidee's - ewww). Ages ago Debie promised me Pook and I finally got my hands on my beloved treasure - here it is and it will take pride of place when I rearrange my workspace, but until then Pook will live in my cabinet where it can remain safe from harm.

Despite my satnav being the spawn of the devil and trying to get me lost in the heaviest rain I have ever driven through, after leaving Debies, we arrived safely for our dolly weekend and guess who forgot her camera ? !!!....... yep, me! I could have kicked myself, I can't remember everything, I did remember the wine and cake though so all was not lost LOL. Anyway I took a few on my phone and am now struggling trying to find the cable to extract them from said phone and upload them to here. So watch this space and I will post some soon. They will probably be of the codpieces, as these were compared and giggled about quite a bit !!
Tiggy's workshops will be starting in the next couple of months and I have to say that anyone who wants to learn costuming techniques or wants to dress a doll in historically accurate costumes, really should book up for one of her weekends. I believe she is starting the courses at £30 a day tuition plus the cost of whatever kit you choose to make. Kits range from tudor through to 1920's, male, female and child dolls. Included in that price is lunch and refreshments and on top of that if you need accomodation , she has twin guest rooms available for FREE on a first come first served basis, and have one of her hubby Jon's lovely cooked breakfasts too :o) anyone who may be interested inone of her dollying weekends can contact her at tiggy@civilwardrobe.demon.co.uk I will of course post further info as and when it becomes finalised as I know anyone will enjoy the workshops immensely.

While away my hubby 'fixed' my computer and in the process managed to lose ALL my contacts files!! Aaarrgggghhh !! no email history is left, no emails , addresses or phome numbers! so if you are one of the peeps I keep in contact with and you haven't heard from me for a while, PLEASE don't think I have ignored you, I will need you to email me you details again so that I can resume contact.

Enough of my ramblings for now, I am to explore blogland to catch up.


Debie Lyons said...

Hiya Wendiekins, I am glad you enjoyed your visit, you and Julie would be most welcome anytime :O. Looks at the bare spot where Pook was and shuffles off.................. LOL
((((((((( hugs )))))))))

Debie xxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Pook is fantastic and can see why you are pleased with him.
Glad you had a lovely weekend away too. Sounds great and lots of laughs.
Look forward to seeing pics if you manage to find the wire.
Nikki x

Julie Kendall said...

Was a wonderful weekend...thanks to all the lovely peeps that made it that way...Debi your family and you are so warm and lovely and wendi extra squidgy hugs for everything:O)ESp the giggles.....my sides ache so much, but in such a good way....think the wine must have dulled the aches over the weekend.......lol...........:O)

MiniKat said...

It sounds like a fantastic way to spend a weekend! :-)

julietk said...

I just found your blog and enjoyed my visit :-)
Pook is great I must go and see what else I can find :o) Juliet