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Fibromyalgia & the end of the 'f' word?

oh I'm such a bad blogger!! & I've neglected my blog.... again :o(

Firstly , a big welcome to my new followers
Lola - Princess Lola's Miniature Diary - who I think must be bloglands youngest ever blogger!

The OldMaid - The Sunny hours 1:12 Miniatures she is making Severus Snapes office and its great watching her progress :o)

Heather Leigh- of Silver spoon Studios who creates art dolls from polymer clay. She's fairly new to blogging but can be found on facebook if you want to see her work as she doesnt have many pics on her blog.

& miniaturemaid - who I cant find a blog for :o(

I've had a 'funny' last few weeks, not funny haha, just funny peculiar. Funny as in, I've not really recognised myself much. As some of you already know, Ive been a poorly bunny for far too long! & have been sooooooooooooooo tired just lately but this tiredness hasnt stopped me in my tracks like I've been used to, more just distracted me lots. I've been busier than usual & have been expecting the usual fibro-achey bomb to blow but it hasnt :o) I think the recent spell of hot weather has just drained me a bit, mixed with my nomadic sons return home stopping me playing minis for a while so I have been busy in my garden instead and managed to play a bit of golf again (without crippling myself), had a trip to the theatre and even found time to keep my house tidy for more than a day or so too !! :o) all this extra activity has made me tired, just naturally tired for any unfit person.
The point of this rambling???.... there IS a light at the end of the tunnel and more than a glimmer of hope for those suffering with Fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue! I just wish I knew exactly what the actual cure WAS, as it'd make me a fortune!! but after years and years and years of suffering the horrid circle of activity = pain & sleep disturbance, I think I am finally seeing the end of the frustrations of pacing myself with what I can & cant do. This recent progress has taken me away from blogland, and back to the 'real' world, but thats a good thing, for me, having spent the best part of the last 7 years only dreaming about my life, its been good to 'get out' again and start living once more.
Now if I could 'live' in my workroom a little bit then I will be totally happy :o) but until my son's life direction gets sorted and I can reclaim my workspace, I shall be continuing with that path of working frustration and so can only apologize for my lack of creativity of late. It WILL come...I'm sure of it, just don't quite know when!

Drum Roll please.......

todays the day for my blog draw,
I seem to have lost a follower somehow :o( and am down to 101 again, ??? blogcount numbers always confuse me LOL ... but confusing me has never really been that difficult anyway ;o)
without further ado...........................
I didnt really have a clue how to do the draw for the seperate Pumkin Peeps, so just put all the names in together and hoped for the best, and figured it'd work itself out somehow!

which it did,
and the winners were....

Congratulations are going to all parts of the world it seems, and go to

Ira from Merry Jingle Crafts is now the new owner of 'Sleepyhead'

Glenda over at Peppercorn Minis who will be receiving the Pumpkin light - which seems rather appropriate seeing as she nows appears to be follower 100 :o)

& Jody of Peach Blossom Hill who will be getting the plain candle one

If you could email me your postal addresses please, so that I can post them to you.
I may make some more Pumkin Peeps sometime for sale on Ebay/Etsy, but alas at the moment my son has temporarily moved back home and therefore taken over our guestroom = MY WORK SPACE!!!! :o( so it may be a while before I can get in there and wade through his 'stuff' to get to my 'stuff' AKA: retreive my craft belongings in order to make some more! anyone thats ever had nomadic kids should understand exactly what I mean LOL


100 (101) followers!! = a give-away

Oh My Oh My!!! how to confuse a stoopid person..... last time I looked, the follower counter said I had 98 followers..... and I can see 2 more .... now when I went to school 98 + 2 = 100 but in blogland it says it equals 101 !!!!!!
hmmmmm........ maybe I should go back to skool?? LOL but......... whichever way it's counted, it's Give-away time!!! :o)

welcome to my 2 (or is it 3?) new followers
Margaret of My Petit Parterre who makes the most desirable candlestands and french style minis, and to Magpies -Miniatures who doesnt seem to have a blog, but does have an online store selling lots of lovely miniatures, click on their names to visit their pages.
I am more than a little puzzled as to how 1+1 =3 .... ???..... headology is at work here I'm sure.... I really MUST finish making Granny Weatherwax as I'm sure she is responsible for all this you know!!!
OK as promised, to enter this give-away all you need to do is....
* be a follower of this blog
* leave a comment on this post
* & Say which you'd like to receive if your name is picked out,
1. SleepyHead
2. Electrified
or 3. Plain
if you dont have a choice, I will choose for you.

I shall do the prize draw next Friday 21st May.

'SleepyHead' is in the Trainee Witches Dorm thats why he's asleep ...Ssssssshhhhhh


a quick heads up for anyone who oo'd & arr'd at my Rectory dollshouse.... theres one on currently on 'Greedbay' that has a mega low starting price!!! its collection only from Kent UK and has 3 days left to bid, no, its not mine, and I dont know the seller, but so many of you admired mine that I'd hate for someone to miss out on a possible bargain! (£16 at time of writing!!) if I had the room I'd be tempted myself LOL

click here for eBay link

& a warm welcome to my 2 new followers
#97 Dangerous Mezzo , who has multiple blogs, but I particularly like her Tudor & Medieval one,
& #98 Naomi who I cant find a blog for :o(
2 more till my giveaway ..... and I STILL havnt made anything !!!! hanging head in shame as I type!! lastminutewendie.com thats me LOL


new followers and not a lot else

oh dear.... Ive neglected you again :o(
it has been a strange week, but it appears I have another 2 followers bringing me closer to the majick 100 :o) so I had best get cracking on that give-away prize.... I think it may very well end up being a pumpkin peep of some sort as I recently spotted one of mine on Janice's blog and its given me a hankering to make some more, maybe an illuminated one, or one with hands ..... or feet.... or both.... I also HAVE to finish poor ol' Granny Weatherwax who has been naked since before xmas!!!! I'm amazed Ive not been seriously cursed by now!! or maybe I have? Ive been finding it really difficult to focus on my miniatures just lately :o( methinks Granny hexed me after all?

I AM going to attempt to lose myself in minis if I can this month but generally I dont like May very much as it is/was my Dads birthday today, he would've been 75. Its also the month which he died so it makes me a bit sad, .... so I shall eat cake in his memory :o)
on a happier note....
do you remember this time last year when I had to take my oldest chook to the vet who said she only had a short time to live because of a huge tumourous growth in her tummy? well.... she is STILL with me !!! her swollen tummy has gone, her feathers all regrown, hasnt laid an egg since, but is very happy for an old bird :o) Ive managed to somehow convince hubbs each time Ive wanted another chook that this new one is 'to replace Layla when she pops her clogs' I had 6 and lost a few along the way and now have 10 .... but Im sure he can count & I dont think I can keep that line going for much longer.... but when she does go ...... I may get away with just one more ;o)

anyway .... talking of one more, a warm welcome to my newbies -
welcome to #95 Alafosca who has 3 blogs , I dont know how you manage... I cant keep up with just my one!
and to #96 marleen who makes the most adorable beds and lots of other 'I want' stuff!

I shall give a small prize to follower 100 and then do another draw for whatever my main prize will be ..... best I get on ... I fear Im procrastinating again!




Sorry, I havn't hit the majick 100 ....yet! but I was being a bit sneaky trying to get your attention to highlight Tallulah's give-away on her blog!! it's not the usual type of give-away and I have to say I was quite moved by her gesture. Apologies if it seems like I'm stealing her idea but its something that we often need reminding of often as it really is something all too many of us take for granted and if it gets more attention for a deserving cause, then so be it! so this is just an unusual reminder to enter her give-away too :o)

Every day more than 4,000 children in developing countries die, simply because they do not have clean drinking water. We can do something to stop this. I have donated, it uses Paypal, and it is safe to do so.... please donate if you can. Click on the CDSW logo or see her blog for more details.... click here or scroll down my page where a permanent link to donate direct to CSDW site , has been added onto the side bar for you to read more. (no advertising revenue is being generated either in case anyone out there is thinking someone gets a cut!)


missing Mr Spangly Pants & other stuff

What a week! I have been VERY busy and then had a few days of being a bit glum as Number 1 son departed on his European backpacking adventure in the early hours of Saturday and I had all the expected mummy worries and then started to miss him. But, he isnt alone, he has his best friend and a rabbit wearing Spangly Pants to keep him company!!! .... it's a long story.... one of those ' you had to be here to get the joke' moments, but the rabbit demanded Spangly Pants for his travels so naturally, I made him some!

Today is a smiley day as we heard from him for the first time in days, so I have the 'phew!!! he's ok' feeling and know he's gonna be fine now. I can get on with 'stuff' now and leave him to it, happy in the knowledge that they are enjoying their Spangly-pants adventure!

Another thing to put a smile on my face today was whilst browsing through the other blogs on my morning read, I spotted one of my creations sat on a shelf on 'On Being A Mini Mum's' blog, its been at lease a year since I made any pumkin pals & it made me have a happy fuzzy feeling to see one again, so I may make some more up this week and maybe use them in my giveaway? & I'm 2 followers closer to the majick 100 :o) welcome to new followers #93 Glenda from Peppercorn Minis & #94 Michelle from Poppenhuis en miniaturen

right...... I'm off to 'remove the velcro from my rear thats keeping me on my chair' ( cheers for that Debbie! LOL x)