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Damn this hot weather!

The decorating was a non-starter yesterday as we discovered that the hot weather has caused the plaster repairs to crack really badly, so have had to scrape everything out & start again ! not looking very hopefull for the rest of the week either as more hot stuff on the way. Methinks I'll be better off in a tent, or maybe the dilapidated house look may become fashionable LOL

My oh My - the time does fly!

OK so who stole a fortnight from me? The saying is supposed to be something like time flies when your having fun - isnt it? but I havent been having fun at all, so am pondering how come its now 2 weeks since I last posted anything? hmmmmm......... oh well I'm here now so you can call off the search party !! I'd soooo love to say I have been busy creating wonderful stuff since I last posted, but alas tis not the case. Real life sort of engulfed me. I had a scan which confirmed that yep I have gallstones but my doc in her infinite wisdom (?) has decided not to opt for surgery but keep me on the low fat/no fat diet as it was keeping the pains at bay..... so I now have what seems like an eternity of boring food!! but I am noticing a bit of a smaller waistine already so not entirely a bad option, but am watching how it goes for now. To be honest I really dont have the time for surgery at the moment anyway !!

The main consumption of my time during the last week, has been watching my house being ripped apart and upgraded as a total rewire was well overdue judging by the burnt out wires that Ive seen pulled out this week. I think I must have had a guardian angel stopping my house from burning down on many occasions in the past!!! anyway.... most of the work is now done and we can now begin the long task of totally redecorating every room in the house...... this may take some time. The last week has been a bit like living in a removal van as we seem to have the contents of our house compacted into just a couple of rooms and have been camping out in our conservatory which during the recent torrential rain & thunder storms was more than a little noisy, but we had a great view!
Because of the way all our 'stuff' was stored , it makes sense to put my studio back together first :o) (clever planning on my part ? my hubbs thinks so!) which will be brilliant for me as I will be able to fit in a bit of mini-ing around the redecorating hopefully. I am going to paint the walls an apple white so that it looks bright and fresh against the huge flowers in the curtains & bedding I already have for that room. It will be good to finally get a bit of colour around the house as we have lived with a totally magnolia house while waiting to save up for the wiring to be done (apart from Ali's room who insisted she wasnt moving in 3 years ago unless her bedroom was pink!)
Right .... I've rambled on for long enough, I'm off to do something with a paint roller - I may be gone sometime!!!!

my weekend :o)

Alice wasnt as lucky with her catch this week and only caught 3 little tiddlers!! bless her she was still just as excited :o) LOL

Ive been busy having a move around at home this weekend as Hubbs has moved his 'office' suff into his new den AKA sons old bedroom, which leaves all the old room for ME!!!! :o) so this is my new work space, I think it is probably the first and last time it will ever be so tidy! I now have no excuse not to go in there and get lots of creating done this week :o)

My baby on the front page!

I had one of those proud mummy moments this evening and wanted to share it with all my friends - Can you imagine my smile when I got this weeks local newspaper to discover my darling little girl was on the front page!! She went on a learn to fish day at the weekend run by the local environment agency & we knew she'd had her picture taken when she caught her first fish, but we never expected this & its made her walk about with an even bigger beaming grin.

Hubbs is the guy behind her with the hat on, I was at home being poorly so missed all the fun so it was great to see this piccie :o)
Oh, and the fish was released to swim away afterwards to live to tell the tale again
. She won a fishing rod so will be trying to catch the poor thing again no doubt & I now have a dread of finding my fridge full of maggots for her to go hunting with ! ewwwww LOL

I'm back!

I am feeling much better today :o) gallstone pain has subsided now due to an awful no fat /low fat diet (its cruel!!) but hey, tis making me better so am not knocking it (much!) except I miss my little snax so am gonna have to keep myself busy so as I dont think about food!
right, I'm off to attempt to find the floors in my house as the dog has decided she doesnt want to wear her coat anymore !!!! and THEN I might even venture into my craft room, the ideas I've had just dont fit in my head anymore and NEED to come out :O)
....... I may be gone a while, LOL

I may not be about for a bit

Just a quickie to let you all know that I may not be about for a bit. I have had the most appalling stomach pains all week and the the doc reckons I have a gallstone problem! I dont remember much of yesterday as the meds they gave me just totally zonked me out, anyway I will be back when I'm feeling a bit better or at least able to post without whingeing about my aches & pains..... right now I'm crawling back to bed to feel sorry for myself!!

I did 'normal' again!

Oh I think I must be feeling ill, I did 'normal' again today!! I go to a dolls house club the first Wednesday of the month and today was a club day. They are a very 'normal' bunch of retirement aged ladies and although I dont really fit in as such ( because I'm nowhere near or dont think I've ever really been 'normal'), it is good to get out and meet likeminded miniture addicts in person and try out new things. Julie from Julie's miniatures come along and did a workshop on how to make miniature roses, and make a trellis or a tree with them. I was really pleased how mine turned out as its the first attempt at the flower thing for me, unless you count the plant with teeth that I made a while ago......?

I am going to do some more soon as the next club project is a scene from a book in a book, and so I am now thinking of doing the painting the roses red bit from Alice in wonderland with the card people painting the flowers with paint sploshing everywhere... you know the scene yeh?
anyway I drifted away for the day from my discworld commission and so I have a naked Igor sat on my bench with his whip waiting to be flogged (I would say poor thing but I have a suspicion he likes it!), he is supposed to be the De Magpyr Igor but I forgot his extra thumb! so my hearts not in it to finish him and its too damned hot here to start sculpting another when it was due for completion like yesterday!!!!!!! oh well best I go bake him an extra thumb & get him some clothes on.................................