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Bloggers are wonderful peeps :o)

I had quite a few problems working out how to add the photo into my new banner until a wonderful friend I made here in blogland came to the rescue :o) and created these wonderful choices for me. I honestly cant decide which one I like the best so thought my followers may like to help choose ? I cant leave my 'I am thick' sign up for long eh? LMAO


and then she got really into it!


or lastly, 5

(I straightened the chair Jayne and it took me half hour to work out how to save the damn file!! LOL)

a Huooooge thankyou to Jayne AKA Tallulah-Belle Originals for helping me out, not only so kindly but so quickly too LOL, I owe you one x :o)

And on an amusing note, my mum saw my recent Frankie creation and after much giggling we realised he looked a bit familiar.... who else thinks he looks like 'Billy Mitchell' from Eastenders ? hahaha


new look

I decided the blog was looking a bit dull and dreary so am brightening things up a bit! hope you like the new look, I just have to work out how to do the banner now, I'm trying to use a pic of some of my pumpkin peeps in the header banner, but am having a few issues with reminding myself exactly how my photoshop program works... if Im not back in a week, send out a search party! LOL

A face only a mother could love!

I just thought I'd share this with you, I'm quite pleased with him and was almost too scared to finish him in case I didnt get it right.... and I because I wanted to keep him too #, or maybe this is a case of 'a face only a mother can love?' haha
(# = he's a commission so is spoken for)
If he didnt have to have a jacket on (which took me 3 attempts!) Id probably love him even more, I find them so fiddly to stitch.... so if I ever have to make another 'Frankie' it will be Tranny-stein cos it'll definitely be wearing a simple & easy to sew dress! He's a bit more greenish than he looks in the pics, I know they say the camera never lies but he seriously looks jaundiced in these pics LMAO

He was made last week but due to lots of things happening at home to distract me, he didnt get finished as quick as I wanted.... I'm blaming that jacket!!! which I have just realised is missing the buttonholes Grrrr .... and a pocket... so he's still not finished!!!.... (definitely needed a dress)

I also forgot to mention my most recent new followers, so a belated but just as happy hello to:
Debs Minis - who makes wonderful minis , I was really taken with the latest creation of a steampunk bed.... in the same fabric as my gypsy's skirt LOL
Cia - who I cant find a blog for (but will edit later if it can be found)
Angela - whos blog is 'A trifle small' and has the most 'I want' gypsy wagon... ever!
Hannajaleijona - a lovely miniaturist who needlefelts minis amongst many other things
Marie - Le Petite Monde merveilleux de Marie although it is a French blog, a lot is translated into English so is easy to follow
Fiver - Mini Menagerie who makes the sweetest litle mini animals :o)
Shelly - again cant find a blog for .... yet!
& Victoria from Little Boxes who has been making some lovely bits of mini furniture and recently upholstered a chair in wait for it... the same fabric that Deb & I used as well!! great minds think alike .... such a lot of uses for a bit of cloth LOL
I shall attempt to not be quite so slack in remembering to welcome my regulars in the future xxx

and finally a farewell
to one of my first 'big' chooks, the ring leader and head of the flock passed away in my arms today :o( she had been a bit wobbly on her legs for a few days and so had a lovely cuddle this morning and just fell asleep in my arms. I was so glad I was with her as I'd have felt awful if I had just found her gone. I'm getting hardened over the years when I lose chooks, I think you have to be, so no sympathy please!!! am done with the tears (and I have no more tissues left!)


new doll & a day out!

Remember ME? LOL corr.... how long since I last rambled here? Oooops .... again! I do pop into blogland when I get a spare few mins, check a blog or two and post when I can but, you know how it is ..... If Ive missed your blog posts, I'm sorry :O( and will try to do my best to pop in as soon as possible. Anyway for once I HAVE actually been creatively busy!!! sorry, should have given you a moment to fetch a chair before that shocker! I have 3 on the go at the moment, this is the first to be finished. The order was for a Gypsy fortune teller, mature but not a crone & has to be colourful. Hopefully all boxes are ticked and the new owner will be happy.

I used the eyes Debie from Piskies & Poppets sent me to try, and prefer them to the ones with pins in, I gave up using those and went back to painting the eyes in, which I didnt like much either, so thankoo Debiekins, your a star and I luffs them x

After the next two dolls are all completed, I'm going to spend a bit of time on my neglected skool of majick :o( I have so many lovely new things to add to it, but with my son still hogging my spare room its difficult to get in there to play, sometimes its difficult to get the door open, let alone get into the room!!! I did however spoil myself and bought some of Glenda's (peppercorn minis) wonderful potion bottles recently and have snuck them onto a mantelpiece cos they are far too lovely to sit in a box !!

and yes, the floor's a big bit of what needs my attention, these floorboards are for the floor above, this level will have stone slabs fitted .... eventually. Hence why the contents are currently stashed away in a box :o(

Although I have had loads to keep me busy at home, I've also been out playing golf LOTS in this lovely weather we've been having, and I had a lovely day out in Dunster with a friend of mine when we visited a dolls house club show there last week. It was a very small show, and not as interesting as past years, but we made the most of it by becoming grockles and took a few touristy pics for you all as I thought you'd like some of the architecture.

the chap sitting at the front was playing music on some ancient 'thing' on his lap.
This building puzzled us as its either been cleaned up , or rebuilt using old materials?

I loved the woodwork on the overhang tho :o) this wood was definitely VERY old!

and finally the door.... which I'm leaving by, see ya all about in this wonderful land of blog x