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Introducing my houses

Well, I did say I wasnt going to blog for a while, but decided I had been wallowing in gloom for far too long and had to pull my finger out from wherever it was stuck and get on with 'stuff'! I will probably still have more off days than good ones, but at least I will feel like Ive occasionally acheived something!
So ...... hubby obligingly helped shift tons of my 'stuff' about and totally reorganised my workroom so that I now have some space to work on my two neglected dollshouses :o)
this is 'Hagathas Skool of Majick & Witchery' which I made from my own plans a few years ago & never finished

and this is my newest house, it's going to be Santa'sToyshop
(I bought this over a year ago and all it's done since is gather dust!)

I have an awful habit of starting things, then starting more things and never actually finishing ANYTHING! which sort of perpetuates my feelings of inadequacy, so I thought I had best do something positive to change these feelings. I still may not finish anything very quickly, but by putting it all on the blog, I can maybe give myself a nudge to do a bit more every know and then, after all, not much point making dolls that have nowhere to live, right?
anyway, I made a start on the santa house by decorating the main 'Toyshop' room. I couldn't find any wallpaper I liked, so scanned in some xmassy holly fabric from my stash and printed it out onto paper.

I need to paint the window frames and fit the glass next I think as I want to get the room finished as soon as I can so that its an incentive to do something to the rest of the house.
I've taken lots of pics of things to add to the blog but will leave it here for now, Id love to hear any ideas about colours for the front of the house, as I dont really know what I want to do to it , other than put paperclay tiles on the roof and have the sides of the building (which are plain) have some exposed brickwork showing through cracked and crumbling plaster ....... I just need to learn the skills and find the time to do it!

Life grinds to a halt once more

This is NOT one of those 'please give me sympathy' posts ..... I dont want any, but I felt it fair to tell friends and followers, that I won't be posting for a while. I shall continue to follow other blogs when I can, but am taking a break and readjusting for a while.
Over the last few years I have endured so much pain and discomfort from one ailment or another and have tried to put a brave face on for the public, but I just can't do it anymore! I thought after the last hospitalization that I was due some pain free time for a while, but no, my body thinks otherwise and has hatched another breakdown plan! I so want to spend my life making miniatures and creating in my workroom, but its a dream thats just not happening. The lights are on but no-one seems to be at home!!! The drugs that the docs have given me for the latest ailment have left me feeling like a total zombie and I just can't focus on much at all at the moment. So, I'm now gonna stop conning myself that I will be creating a masterpiece for everyone to see for the next time you see me post cos its just not gonna happen. I have unfinished stuff, lots of unfinished stuff, inspiration isnt my problem, it makes me sad knowing I dont have the oomph to finish it all and this doesnt help me. I'm just going to try and concentrate on getting better and not keep putting pressure on myself to be something I don't have the energy to be. If I finish one doll in a year, then I will be happy :o) so this wannabe doll maker is just going to enjoy watching life for a while and Granny Weatherwax is just gonna have to stay as she is and cuss me all she wants!!

New Year , New Me?

New Year , New Me? I very much doubt it ! but slight adjustments are a feasible possibility even for me!
I have been a bad blogger. I have missed so much of what you have all been up to... I even missed my own birthday, xmas and new year with you and so I am really, really going to try to do much better this year! I don't make resolutions, its like setting myself up for a fall, I know I will continue to be the same dizzy headed, last minute panic type person I'm sure, although I would like to think that as each year passes, I become just a little bit more routined & organised, maybe thats a natural progressive thing but I shall claim it as an acheivement anyway! after all, I now have organised shoeboxes and a tidy wardrobe (that wasnt thought possible last year) AND I now have an ironing pile that fits into ONE basket, which had never dare even be imagined before it actually happened!! I am sure I shall continue to procrastinate just the same, but hope that the gaps become longer between each daydreaming session so that I may actually get something created occasionally to ease the pressure in my head of the queue of mini characters and things that that have been waiting (quite impatiently at times) for a phsyical body. Some now have the said physical body but have no clothes, which in the middle of winter is a bit cruel I admit, but I 'm getting there albeit slowly. I DID make a doll after I received Debie's lovely inspiration parcel and decided to let Granny Weatherwax out of my head first, but........ she is definitely glaring at me more and more each day at her enforced nakednesss which is most unbefitting for a witch of her calibre .... I shall be punished Im sure, its bad enough that I put the wrong boots on her and had to remove her legs!!! to say she aint'nt happy is an understatement!!!

so please, nobody call the doll police just yet! it wasn't just my fault .... I blame all the kerfuffle on the time out for xmas.

and ......
who would have thought that a friend getting a new teapot for xmas could lead to a new blog? well it has..... Mini Madness : Virtual Tea Party (Top Hats Optional) was borne after a strange conversation with Kathleen (here after to be known as Kat-kins!) of Little thoughts from an average mind , we have no idea where its going, but for now it seemed like a good way of getting a few friends together (even though thousands of miles separate us) for a cup of tea at the same time to ramble on about our mini musings. I just hope that the new blog is a place of inspiration for me and not just another distraction to stop me doing the things that were already on my to-do list!!!

(these are my favourite tea-cups!)

and on that note, I am off to look for my 'to do' list........................................