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sometimes you've just gotta do it!

Despite being skinter than a skint thing, the overwhelming urge to go to Miniatura has got me! I missed it last year and KDF too and know I'd be sulking all next weekend thinking that I should've gone and didnt, so I fluttered my eyelashes, counted the pennies and justified the day trip until before you know it I was ordering my tickets :o)
I shall be there on the Saturday so if anyone else wants to meet up and say Hi, let me know xxx
I am so excited!!!

sad farewell :o(

I vant him back....
(said in the deepest Transilvanian accent I can manage)

I had to say goodbye to this chap yesterday as he went on his journey to his new home. I'm hoping he doesn't dine out on too many postal workers en-route!!
(maybe I should have packed him off with a nice raw steak as a snack?.....)
I don't know what it is about my dolls just lately, but Ive been getting REALLY attached to them, it was like packing off one of my children!!! daft old thing that I am LOL
He's loosely based on Bela Lugosi's Dracula, (the old, original Dracula movie) and the customer didnt want fangs. But then I suppose vampire fangs aren't on view unless they're eating so it made perfect sense....

if you click on him it'll zoom the pic even more

He's just under 6 " tall, poseable, and again I have used eyes made by Debie from Piskies & Poppets. They are a dream to use! I wasn't looking forward to dressing him as it meant I had to make yet another jacket!! you all know how much I dislike jackets! but it wasnt so bad after all, so I must be getting used to them now. I also made him a detachable cape, he tried it out by flapping about around the school of majick which didnt impress its inhabitants at all, and they all ran away, jumped on their broomsticks and scarpered! methinks there'll be some garlic concoctions being brewed soon!!

there he is flapping about..... looking for a late night snack!
(its not easy taking dark/moody night time pics on macro is it?!)

if you like vampires, you should pop over and take a look at William Bezek's blog to see his latest creation! his are a lot bigger than 1:12 scale but REALLY good! and theres a coffin 'to die for'!!

I also said goodbye to a few pumpkins this week, the last few for a while are on ebay this week if you want to grab one.
(click on the pick to take you to ebay direct)

I know I will make more of them, but for now I am pumpkin'ed out. I have a few doll commissions to wade through anyway, 'witch' I'm looking forward to LOL apart from several witches, (and yes, poor ol Granny Weatherwax is STILL in a state of undress!) I've also got a mummy, a wolfman and Frankensteins bride wanting to appear before Halloween and I'm not the quickest at creating anything so need to get my skates on!! so I may not be about for a while.... or at least that's the plan!

Two faced mate is on ebay

OK, apologies if this post sounds like Im touting for business LOL tis really not my style, but you said it'd sell so I thought Id let anyone thats interested know, that I've listed the 'Two faced mate' on Ebay, item no 230525273632
still cant find that bloomin battery charger.... so can't show or list any of the other stuff.... grumble grumble.... off for another rummage

A big hello and welcome to my new followers too, I shall introduce you all on my next post xxx

Two faced mates!

Everyone seems to know some-one with two personalities , so I thought the pumpkin world should have some too! so here's the first of my 'Two faced mates' ,
they were very difficult to photograph too, so I was glad my brain worked enough to use a mirror!

The Happy, cheerful side

and the grumpy side!

I have so many other new ones to show but my battery died on the camera and I cant find the charger since I got back from my holiday!!! typical eh? but what do you think? do you think anyone would buy them if I put them on Etsy or Ebay?
I'm almost pumpkinned out now LOL Gonna make some Travelling Trunks with a difference next week :o)


not exactly a mini!!

Holidays are over & littlun is back to school today and I'm back to 'normal' once more (if there is such a thing) I feel quite strange bumping into myself again and thought 'oooo hello, I remember you'!!.... I get so engrossed in whatever it is thats happening, that I forget anything else exists, which Im sure is possibly a good thing in some scenarios?? anyway.... I'm waffling.... I think the point Im trying to get at is - I've been absent from blogland for most of the summer, and also from my workroom :o( but I plan on rectifying this as soon as possible as I have some ideas that need to come out of the holding pen cos they're giving me a headache LOL I think that after I get the next batch of commissions out of the way that I'm going to put some stuff in my Etsy shop and then concentrate on my school of majick as I'm in need of a playtime fix. I think Hagatha would like her school up & running again too!!!

I thought you might like to see some of the places I visited in France. In between sunbathing & vino consumption, (honestly I didnt touch a drop from that bottle!) I seem to have had a thing for architectural detail this summer, and got looked at oddly many times by hubbs when photographing various windows & doors but heyho, tis not his fault he doesnt 'get it' LOL but all these buildings just begged to be considered in mini versions!
ok, the next ones are from a theme park called Puy Du Fuo, I didnt time travel or find random medieval villages on my travels LOL
I'd love to make this out of a big carpet roll or similar, it opened up to reveal a couple of floor levels within - I didnt get to snap them tho :(the last pic is from a small village called Talmont, which had wild hollyhocks growing everywhere and made me come over all pink and girlie inspiring me to want to make something shabby chic, you never know, it might happen one day LOL What my travels and happy snapping has done tho, is make me realise my love for old buildings & the quirky bits that make them different, especially when the doors and windows arent lined up or a size you'd expect. Maybe this is why I want to hurry up and finish the projects I've got on the go at the moment? I want to build a higgledy piggledy house!!
I also took some pics in the Martell Cognac factory... oh it smelt wonderful in there all oaky and cognacky ...... sorry drifted! there was a display in miniature built to show it in a perspective angle, but I'll save them for another day. Hope I havnt bored you all too much..... off to make MORE pumpkins.... I think I'm nearly pumpkinned out! ;o)