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slap my wrists for being such a bad blogger!!!!!

Life got in the way !!!! I've missed Blogland!
DIY, kids, gardening, my health, and then theres the facebook farmtown addiction to deal with too LOL, excuses, excuses I know but I hadnt realised how quickly time flies! Most of the decorating after the re-wire has been done and the overgrown garden is beginning to look like some-one actually loves it once more, my gall bladders still grumbling away and giving me grief, and Im getting fed up of eating low fat food!!! I even had a dream about eating bacon & hot melted cheese rolls!!!! (don't get me started on how much I miss cheese & onion crisps or my beloved jaffa cakes!!!!) so I will be glad when they take the thing out. I'm beginning to think its old age and wondering what body part is gonna break down next ! LOL Ive been told the op will be done by xmas so fingers crossed the new year will bring a fixed & revitalised version of me as Im seriously missing my mini making. I can't let Halloween pass without a spurt of creativity on my part, I've got so many ideas in my head that if i don't get back into my craftroom soon , there will be a lot of my dear friends getting commissions from me so that I can see my ideas in reality a bit quicker!
Right, :o) I'm off to catch up with everything in Blogland ............