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The Soon to Be Extinct Gubbins Bird

I'd love to be able to say I'd been creating again, but alas not... I just thought I'd share with you the recent additions to my Skool of Majick & Witchery that I received in the post today from Nicky Cooper

The Soon to Be Extinct Gubbins Bird

In Nicky's words... "The Gubbins bird can... sorry, used to be found in the galapagos islands.
However they cannot fly, are exceptionally short sighted.... and sadly live on the edge of cliffs
not the best combination for survival is it!
There fore you see here the very last of its kind!
When gubbins birds feed on anything other than the wart plant they emit
the worst odour ever! The cloud of Green putrid mist will spread for miles
(and they wondered why they werent popular with the neighbours??)
The special combination of feeding with some wart plant before midnight will
cause him to glow in the dark.... wart plant available on request!"

Don't ya just love her imagination & storytelling? :D

She also sent me the very lovely painted blanket box/trunk full of scrolls. I think she should make more of these. I love it as I can't paint if my life depended on it, but it's just what I'd do if I could, she has a talent there... another one :D

off to do some research now on 'wart plants'...


A bit of a mini adventure...

I've been away a while... having a mini adventure... well, I've been about a bit and seen a lot of mini-ing things...
Firstly, a huooge thanx to the lovely mini-ing friends that I met up with at Kensington Doll show, for making it more than just a great day out, so much giggling... definitely one of the best days out with friends I've ever had!

(I'm the one in brown trying to breathe in and not make my tummy look quite so humungus, others opted for the 'hide the belly' game in other ways! LOL)
We met up afterwards with some other friends too who had stalls at the show and I returned home feeling quite inspired to get mini-ing again.... and then I helped move my son from one flat to another and was too tired to even think about mini's for a few weeks!!!

I'm really enthused now tho as I've just had a nice holiday on the Isle of Wight, and was lucky enough to go to Godshill Miniature Vilage while I was there. If you love miniatures and you've never been, it's REALLY worth a visit! I thought I loved my dollhouses, but when you see the workmanship that goes into these buildings that live outside permanently, well... its starts ya thinking in a whole new light!

(if you poke the pictures, they will pop up bigger for a better look)

we wondered just how accurate it was... so we walked up the hill afterwards to see the real version of the church and houses and its a suprisingly good likeness!

I snapped this with my mum in the foreground as a reminder that this is the real version LOL

this is my daughter crouching to take pics of the shopfronts

(I'm too decrepid to crouch nowadays LOL)

Most of the village is in 10th scale but theres even a model of the model village in the model village at 1:100 / 1:1000!

the miniature buildings were incredible , but the landscaping was equally as impressive, over 3000 trees and shrubs are manicured regularly to keep this looking as great as it does.

I even spotted a little peep doing some decorating/maintenance!!!

hubbs spotted other things, trust him to ask the question.... can you spot Erica Rowe? :D

(for those who need a clue... she was a topless streaker! LOL)

and of course the village pub... in miniature

and real... its never a proper holiday without a stop off in one or two :D

We did so much last week but still found a bit of time to relax,

have a paddle,
and stop to smell the flowers.... well, the ones without bees in anyway! LOL

oh and the yummys.... can't forget them!

... back on the diet again for me methinks LOL