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new 'doll' and my lovely gift from Kate

We-R-Igors, A spare hand when needed
(They exthitht only to therve)
Well this chap has sat naked on my workbench for nearly a year due to one ailment after another! bless him, no wonder he's now smiling!!!
Everyone who is (or was) anyone in Discworlds Uberwald has an Igor as a servant. Uberwald's servant class is heavily populated with extremely similar looking assistants, all of whom are called Igor, to save confusion. At least, to save confusion amongst Igors.
This Igor works for one of the Vampyre clan and is serving up a glass of finest Uberwald B positive! with a small whip so his master (mathter) can give him a good thrashing.
They're a strange bunch are Igors

I got a lovely parcel from the postman yesterday, I knew Kate from The Whittaker's Miniatures had sent me the mirror I won on her blog give away but was really suprised to find some other goodies in there too :o) This is the mirror I won hung in Hagatha & Grumpbolds boudoir it is perfect! I really wish I could get my head around fitting the parquet flooring as their room just doesn't look right without some proper flooring :o(
The xmas hat was one I bought from Kat the Hat and the Easter Bonnet is one I made myself last year.

and this is the lovely suprise I had, Kate made this table from a slice of Agate and it told me exactly where it wanted to go! I've decided after seeing a wonderful Miss Sally world Owl, on Michelles blog, that this is what is needed as my little baby owl just isnt hitting the spot! I think a big wise old owl sat on a perch is what is needed here. Kate also sent me some large bottles and bit of broken skeleton so I shall have fun using them too. Thank you Kate xxx

and last but not least, a HUooge welcome to my new followers, I will try and find the time to pop over and look at all your blogs as soon as I can xxx
Mini-ing has ground to another halt!! sigh...... Hubbs decided that after being off work for 3 months that he was gonna start on my DIY list this week :o) YAY!, I hear you all shout....but spare a thought for the aftermath!!!
At the center of my home is a stairwell and galleried landing off of which comes all the rooms in the house..... this was the DIY zone. Hubbs sanded all the plastering..... thats means dust has radiated EVERYWHERE! thats had to be cleaned up. Dust = forget me playing with clay for a long while, cos dust and clay are like magnets as many of you know. So I spent yesterday up a scary ladder instead and have painted about 1/3 of the walls now and was doing OK, then my gardening friend visited!!! and we (I) got distracted and somehow ended up planting stuff instead, so now my backs gone again, and I'm unable to get up the ladder to finish the rest for a few days Grrrrr!!!! I have been banned from doing anything physical today and I cant get the clay out cos the dust keeps reappearing, so am gonna attempt to dress some naked people that have been staring at me for like.... forever? So my cloud may have a silver lining after all :o) & Hopefully I shall have something to show you soon.... but dont hold your breath, I am easily distracted!! LOL


Frolicking fairies and mini illuminations

Forgive me followers for I have sinned, it has been ??? ..... too long since my last blog session, .... I feel a bit like a catholic going to confession there LOL where does the time fly to? well, the cold I had has been blown away, and the house elf duties done for a while so I think I am back in the driving seat once more :o)
I've had a few distractions from blogland, one very nice one in particular, that I have waited for for ages and now its mine it makes me the happiest person ..... well ever! I'm obviously very easy to please!
its not a mini by any stretch of the imagination

'Frolicking Faeries' is a huoooge pic when framed and although a bit naughty I couldnt resist it and its now hanging in my bedroom! Its done by a local artist (& friend) Nancy Farmer and I am a big fan of her artwork, she describes her work as -
''Beligerent Demons, sullen fairies, twisted fairytales and other curious monsters - dark, whimsical, decadent contemporary art, all with a satirical edge and a twist of humour.''
I just think she is brilliant!
if you get the chance to pop over and look at her work on her website ( click here) you wont be dissappointed and I bet you find something you like.

I've also been busy with the electrics in the Skool of Majick and finally made & added the individual lights for the bedside lockers in the trainee's dormitory.

its a bit difficult to see the details on the skull light with or without the flash as the camera just isnt picking it up :o( my bad photography methinks....
anyway it started life as a skull bead and a grain of wheat/pea light bulb testing light thing that you get with the copper wire electric tape kits. I drilled out the eyeball sockets to allow more light out and it seems to have worked quite well, now I just have to hope it doesnt catch fire or melt ! LOL The skull lamp belongs to Trixie Trubble, she hasnt arrived at the Skool of Majick yet, on account of the fact that she still lives in my head!

The two dolls above were among the first dolls I ever bought and were made by Nicky Cooper the one on the left is Fartquat Quigley, his first spell unfortunately sent him to sleep! poor thing, his wee willie winky light was bought at a fair, but the pumpkin light next to him is all my own work and Im quite pleased with it. The pumpkin belongs to Harmony Hubble, she's a bit dim, bless her, and cant quite get spells right (she's made some strange transfiguration attempts I can tell you! theyre in a cage under the stairs until the Headmistress can work out what to do with them) anyway Harmony is going through a bit of a fascination with all things pumpkin at the moment..... it's maybe safer like that for now.

This is Candy Slimme, she is my favourite doll. This was another Nicky made for me. She's the youngest trainee at the Skool, she learnt how to make cakes and chocolate and all things yummy and refuses to learn any other new spells at all! cant say I blame her either , I think I'd be happy with just that one spell too :o) naturally her bedside lamp had to be a cake with candle!
The purple lamp next to her belongs to Nancy Nightshade (Amethyst Angst would be a good alternative name!) that was just some beads glued together .... simples, everything in Nancy's world is purple.... we all know someone like that eh?
and last but not least is Willow Frogwood's lamp she's a bit of a Pagan and love mother natures kind of Majick, so she has a floral lamp made from 'bits' I found in my work box ... she also lives in my head at the moment as she hasnt found her way out into the real world yet either.

Actually you can see the skull light better from this distance

& finally a HUGE warm welcome to my new followers, thanks for the add, I love reading everyones comments so dont be shy, shout out and say Hi! :o)
am just popping in to say Hi, I have been a bad blogger again..... snuffling germs have kept me away, but thanx to the power of lemsip and lots of sleep I feel a lot more 'with it' than I have all week, so should be back to doing some mini-ing as soon as I clear the backlog of other 'must do' house stuff .... no fun, Grumble grumble, I dont wanna be a house elf, I wanna play..... see you all soon