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Mini-ing has ground to another halt!! sigh...... Hubbs decided that after being off work for 3 months that he was gonna start on my DIY list this week :o) YAY!, I hear you all shout....but spare a thought for the aftermath!!!
At the center of my home is a stairwell and galleried landing off of which comes all the rooms in the house..... this was the DIY zone. Hubbs sanded all the plastering..... thats means dust has radiated EVERYWHERE! thats had to be cleaned up. Dust = forget me playing with clay for a long while, cos dust and clay are like magnets as many of you know. So I spent yesterday up a scary ladder instead and have painted about 1/3 of the walls now and was doing OK, then my gardening friend visited!!! and we (I) got distracted and somehow ended up planting stuff instead, so now my backs gone again, and I'm unable to get up the ladder to finish the rest for a few days Grrrrr!!!! I have been banned from doing anything physical today and I cant get the clay out cos the dust keeps reappearing, so am gonna attempt to dress some naked people that have been staring at me for like.... forever? So my cloud may have a silver lining after all :o) & Hopefully I shall have something to show you soon.... but dont hold your breath, I am easily distracted!! LOL



Debbie said...

About time you put some clothes on those naked people. The neighbours will be talking. LOL

Bear cabin miniatures said...

Ah.. dust, I know that one, I finish wiping it all up and hubby starts sanding again.. more dust! Hope your back gets better soon and your dolls get their clothes:0)
Julia xx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Ive been DIY'ing too Wendie, just the cloakroom left to decorate then Im done! Well apart from 3 cupboards to clear out where I literally stuffed all the rubbish when decorating to get it out of the way so now they are heaving! Hope you get to do some mini work in between your posts are always fun! I posted your mirror 2 days ago, hope it arrives today! Kate xx

MiniKat said...

We really should get me a passport and plan the next round of DIY for a time when I can be there. ;-)

Tallulah Belle said...

ooh Wendie be careful. Doll dressing is much safer lol.

You'll love it when it is all done.

Galleried landing...didn't realise you were so posh :-)

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Good he's getting to your to-do list. My log cabin that DH started is sitting in the basement collecting dust and now, spring is here and he is with his mistress, a John Deere tractor and will be until about next winter. So, who knows if it will ever get finished.

Hope your back is better soon.


Michelle's Mad World said...

I know all about the devils of dust! I remember when I had the opening of my en-suite changed and a angle grinder was used. I have NEVER seen dust (brick) like it! I think we were eating it for months! Let's not start on all the building work over the years! lol Let's hope you can dress those mini naked peeps soon otherwise they will catch a chill and a dodgy reputation! lol ;oP

Michelle xxx