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new 'doll' and my lovely gift from Kate

We-R-Igors, A spare hand when needed
(They exthitht only to therve)
Well this chap has sat naked on my workbench for nearly a year due to one ailment after another! bless him, no wonder he's now smiling!!!
Everyone who is (or was) anyone in Discworlds Uberwald has an Igor as a servant. Uberwald's servant class is heavily populated with extremely similar looking assistants, all of whom are called Igor, to save confusion. At least, to save confusion amongst Igors.
This Igor works for one of the Vampyre clan and is serving up a glass of finest Uberwald B positive! with a small whip so his master (mathter) can give him a good thrashing.
They're a strange bunch are Igors

I got a lovely parcel from the postman yesterday, I knew Kate from The Whittaker's Miniatures had sent me the mirror I won on her blog give away but was really suprised to find some other goodies in there too :o) This is the mirror I won hung in Hagatha & Grumpbolds boudoir it is perfect! I really wish I could get my head around fitting the parquet flooring as their room just doesn't look right without some proper flooring :o(
The xmas hat was one I bought from Kat the Hat and the Easter Bonnet is one I made myself last year.

and this is the lovely suprise I had, Kate made this table from a slice of Agate and it told me exactly where it wanted to go! I've decided after seeing a wonderful Miss Sally world Owl, on Michelles blog, that this is what is needed as my little baby owl just isnt hitting the spot! I think a big wise old owl sat on a perch is what is needed here. Kate also sent me some large bottles and bit of broken skeleton so I shall have fun using them too. Thank you Kate xxx

and last but not least, a HUooge welcome to my new followers, I will try and find the time to pop over and look at all your blogs as soon as I can xxx


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

oooh Wendie it fits in quite nicely that colour too, so pleased you like it! Littel owl shows up well on it too! have fun filling the bottles, they arnt standard potion size are they but i used one for filling with eyeballs and using as a doorstop! And the skele head loks great over a wall light as the lioght shines through it! The room looks great and I adore your new doll. Id love one for our haunted house for serving the drinks off the drinks trolley I have, hes so cool! Kate xx

Debbie said...

Igor looks great with his clothes on Wendie. Poor chap must have been frozen! I seem to remember you also have a Witch that needs dressing as well..
The Mirror from Kate looks great in the Boudoir and the little table is lovely. I was looking at Miss Sally Worlds Owls yesterday. They are lovely. But you do know that clever Debiekins can make Owls. I know cause I've got one. Back to me boxes xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I'm a Terry Prachett fan too, great books! Igor is fabulous, love his eye, he’s quite scary. too ;o)

I've not seen this room before, you have more than one dollshouse methinks! lol Fabulous room, I love the bed!

Kate is so generous and kind! What a fabulous mirror AND table! ;o)

I know what you mean about the other owls! IF you look at my witch's top banister you will see a tiny china blah blah owl. They were only bought for the time being, but are NOT a patch on artisan owls etcs.

I'm seeking out an artisan who makes fab birds AND owls at KDF, so I will buy most if not all my owls whilst I am there. Though, I think Hedgwig will have to be a commission.

Michelle xxx

Debie Lyons said...

YAY Wendiekins, hes fab !!!! Its so nice to see new doll and more minis from you. Fingers crossed all the germs will leave you alone now, you have had more than your fair share.


Jean Day said...

Igor is wonderful. Lucky winner and the table is great too.