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Happy Easter

actually my butt doesnt hurt! nothing does :o) I am all done with the up & down ladders stuff, decorating is all done, and am now feeling good for a change! but I am such a bad blogger! how did the last 2 weeks just pass me by??? Ive been decorating I know, but I didnt think it had taken me THAT long! LOL anyway I'm here now and shall probably bore you senseless with my goings on but ... here goes!
I've done no mini-ing Im afraid ....... everyone in the miniature world now runs away ---------> still here? ....... thank you!

A Happy Easter, Spring Equinox or just plain old chocolate day, is wished to you all. We have had family staying for the last few days and it has been lots of fun, tomorrow I expect will be spent slumming it in our jimjams and consuming much chocolate! (it was noted by more than one member of my family that my egg tree looked a bit naff this year so your only getting a small glimpse of it ! LOL) we have in fact had a fair bit of chocolate already as my daughter made crispy chocolate nests the other day and they sort of disappeared ever so quickly!!!
In the true tradition of all things spring like, I gave in once again to the 'need' for more chickens! and so headed off to the local poultry auction to see what lil cluckers were fated to come home with me, even though I hadnt intended to buy 4 chooks, it somehow sorta just happened and that bidding paddle in my hand had a life of its own!! the resulting purchases were this mottley bunch,

they seemed to settle into my garden quite well, although the speckledy one seems to have the dreaded post auction snuffly cold so Im glad they are segregated from the rest of my girls until I know they are well enough to all mingle together. No doubt I shall be up early tomorrow to make sure they are all OK after their first night in a strange place and they shall just gimme that look .... that 'wheres the grub' look?!



dale said...

You got some great chicks!

Happy Easter! :)

julie campbell said...

Happy Easter Wendy, I have chicken envy !! I love your chooks !
julie xxx

Julie Kendall said...

Happy Easter Wendy........love your chooks, they are all such sweethearts
Glad the deccys done now

Debie Lyons said...

Happy Easter Wendiekins. I love your chooks and if I do get to visit this summer you might have to check the boot of my car before I go home ROFL. I have hid all our little chaps eggs around the house and in a min we are going to find them. Glad you have done the decorating.
Lorra Luffies

Debiekins xxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie said...

Lovely Chooks Wendie. From what I can see the Easter Tree looks OK. Did you fix your toaster after breaking it with your Jesus Buns? PMSL..
Enjoy the rest of the Easter Weekend and try not to consume to much Choccie. xx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Happy Easter. Love your chickens... i want some too!
Love your easter tree too, ive not had one of them since i was little
Have a lovely day with your family.

Michelle's Mad World said...

Happy Easter to you too and gald you're still around blogland! :o))

I LOVE the chocolate easter bunny joke! lol My Sister always does an egg tree.

I miss the chickens and ducks (and almost a goat, Mum put her foot down to Dad, as she didn't want to milk it!lol) that we had in Suffolk.

Michelle xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Debie - I shall check your boot!!!
Debbie - suprisingly the toaster has risen from the dead!! spooky.... LMAO
It seems like everyone loves chickens :o) I dreamed of having them for years, hubbs eventually gave in when we moved here cos the garden had enough room, he put a maximum on 6 chooks only ..... we now have 10! I dont think Id ever wear him down enough to let me have a goat tho!! LOL

Jean Day said...

How wonderful to have real chickens and real eggs!! Lovely display. That was my all time favorite joke too, it still makes me laugh so much, thanks for sharing it!