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I am so easily distracted....

I have been absent (again) from blogland for a bit as Ive been quite preoccupied with my new chickens this week and weve had lots of glorious sunshine that has made me want to head in the direction of the garden and not the workroom! My new chooks were kept well away from my other girls when we brought them home, as you never know what germs they may be harboring, and Im glad I did as there was much sneezing and snuffling going on so Im glad I contained it. I spent the week chook-chatting and had to give the speckledy one antibiotics which I dont like to have to give, but it really was a necessity with her as she got quite poorly, but she's much better now so the new girls finally got partially introduced to the rest of the gang today when we moved them into a new enclosure we made within the one they will eventually live in. They are now just a few days away from all being one big happy family :o)

thats the view from the inside of my conservatory, where I sit with my morning cuppa and watch my girls for a while

A big bonus for today was that 3 of the 4 started laying too !!!! much clucking and sqwarking was heard and each time I went out to see what it was all about I was pleasantly rewarded with a nice big egg! its just 'special speckles' that has to start laying , I think she must be waiting till shes all better maybe? this was my collection today

the second one in, is a large sized shop bought egg just for size comparison, but the rest are all todays home grown beauties, tiny bantie ones to extra large maran eggs but they are all welcomed and will make some crackingly yummy cakes tomorrow :o)

I also received a lovely award from Debbie over at Tiny Treasures since I last posted :o)

apparently I make her laugh...... and am "wonderfully creative when Im not playing with my chooks".... hmmmm, maybe this explains why I have no miniatures to show you this week and have just spent the last few minutes rambling about my chooks, I think the bantie eggs are the only miniatures I've dealt with all week LOL
Thankyou Debbie x
anyway I have to forward this to 5 other blogs but my eyes are drooping and I now need my beddybyes as pumpkin hour is fast approaching .... so promise I shall do it in the morning x



Tallulah Belle said...

Cute chooks...and I bet those eggs are tasty.

I love how you have the right outside the window. Do they hop up onto the windowsill to look in :-)

Debie Lyons said...

Kins you know its amazing how big a yolk you get with the smaller eggs. Our broody momma has been sitting on eggs nearly two weeks now, not long to go and I might have some cute fluffies to show you.

Debiekins xxxxx

Julie Kendall said...

They all look very happy, FEW MORE THERE SINCE I LAST VISITED....opps im shouting........sorry bout that:O)
Eggys look brill and those bantam eggs were very yummy that weekend....loved seeing your little chooks,you lucky fing you
still got pinkies crossed.
Amber now wants to adopt a ferret!!

Debbie said...

Well Wendie you do make me laugh..LOL
Glad to hear the new chooks are on the mend. Fresh Eggs have a beautiful taste that the supermarket ones don't. I also like using the Duck eats for cakes as they are much richer. Get some Ducks as well Wendie..xxx

Debbie said...

That should have said Duck Eggs for Cakes, not eats for cakes. My mind was distracted by talking about food..Mmmmmmmm Cakes xx

Michelle's Mad World said...

Oooh you simply can't beat a fresh egg, there is NOTHING like it…wonderful! We used to have ducks and their eggs too, but a little large boiled and a bit stronger then hens.

Our hens used to be in a big pen, but the ducks were loose and used to eat the plants and poop everywhere! Eeww! lol

Great to see you back for a bit!
Michelle xxx

El Museo de la Luna said...


WendiesMiniWorld said...

Tallulah - yep they are VERY tasty :o) Ive not seen any of them try to get onto the windowsill, I think maybe cos the dog is inside it puts them off getting that close, or maybe they are just lazy? they do all come running tho when I open the windows cos they are used to scraps being thrown out.

Debie - I prefer bantie eggs cos there isnt as much white stuff, its nearly all yolk yummmmmm looking forward to seeing your fluffies hatched, I may have to jump in the car and bomb up the motorway to 'borrow' them if they are too cute LOL :o)

Julie - yep we now have 10 real ones and 9 stone ones LOL (long story) Mark has now said enough is enough and Im only agreeing cos I cant fit any more in the hen house!!! why a ferret?....

Debbie / Michelle - Id love ducks but I know they would wreck my garden and duck poo smells worse than chicken poo so Id need to move house and get more land and then Id want pigs and goats and ..... see where this could lead me? ....no self control me!!! LOL

La Luna - hello :o) your blog has beautiful artwork! I hope some of my followers pop over to look at it.