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spring sprung a pondering moment

Ooops .... I seem to keep forgetting / neglecting my blog, but with the arrival of spring, I have been trying to do 'outside' stuff while the sun lasts (& my health allows) but I WILL find some time soon to get mini-ing again as I am having serious withdrawal sypmtoms! Hubbs finally got another job, but has to work away from home for a few nights each week, which means I will have more time free in the evening so will more than likely get into my mini-ing again once I stop missing him .... apologies for the slush LOL
Over the last few days in Blogland I have seen some beautiful flowers that spring has sprung in other peeps gardens all around the world, and I've seen some lovely things emerge in my own garden too. Last year these majickly appeared, and I thought they were very pretty, totally in the wrong place.... but very pretty !

anyway, the patch seems to have doubled this year and so Im planning on moving them elsewhere in the garden when the flowers have died off, but my question is .... what are they? at first I thought they were snowdrops but they seem bigger/different bell shape to the typical snowdrop & flower much later than the ones in my back garden do as these only appeared last week.... anyone out there know exactly what these subtle little beauties are? or when's the best time to move them? All advice greatfully appreciated.
I also had to grab a pic of my acer in flower as it had such a lovely colour and is one of my favourite things in the garden at the moment.

and finally there is at least one 'mini' pic in this post! my mini daffs decided to wait until all the other spring bulbs had gone before making their appearance this year but they are so dainty, they were worth waiting for :o)

its good to take time out and 'stop to smell the flowers'..... just as long as you dont accidentally inhale a bumble bee !!!


Debbie said...

Wendie those flowers do look like Snowdrops. But I've never seen them hang like that before. Maybe its a new species. If they are a form of Snowdrops, then you have to move them "In The Green", which means while they are up and or in flower, otherwise they die..I'm going to have a search and see if I can find out what they are...xxx

Debbie said...

Wendie I've been Googling and it is a variety of Snow Drop. So "move em now girl".. lol X

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Thank you Debbie x I thought as much but was worried in case I killed em off by moving them.... plants can be such fickle things, typical of me tho eh? I dont even have 'normal' snowdrops LOL

Conni said...

Spring it is miraculous.
With us these flowers are called snowflake, so "Märzenbecher" in Latin Leucojum vernum.
Lots of love from Germany

joy said...

I agree with Conni they are Leucojum. I have some in my garden they are soooo pretty :) just going to google to see if Leucojum is a late variety of snowdrop.

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Conni & Joy ... THANKYOU!!! XX I just googled Luecojum & yep thats definitely them :o) so now I know I have 'snowflakes' not 'snowdrops'. I shall have to wait until they are dormant to move them according to web info I found, so am glad I didnt hoof them out this afternoon!!
I love Blogland :o)

Tallulah Belle said...

Oooh Wndie they are so delicate and pretty.

I LOVE the mini daffs...daffs are my fave and the mini ones are just even better.

I replied to you on my blog about the dandelions...I didn't know what the white fluffy bits were...thoguht they were just bird food and a convenient way to tell the time if you were even stuck in a field ;-)

it is too late now but I could never have cut all the heads off anyhow...there are hundreds of them. I'll post a pic on my blog in the next day or two and you'll feel really sorry for me.

Yay for hubby but boo he has to work away :-( You;; appreciate him more when he is home this way xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

LOL Tallulah! maybe you could harvest them next year and make Dandelion wine or something ;o)not that I'd have a clue how to do that! I dont mind the yellow flowers but they get mown over with the lawn mower regularly cos I hate those seed heads! unfortunately we have some waste ground nearby and the seeds just keep on blowing in ... a constant battle.... wish I had a daisy's problem instead, I like daisies.