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Bad blogger !

well.... Monday came and went ....... more than once! I have had so many distractions its unreal. My son came home for a while cos he was poorly, but has gone back home again now, hes a bit better but needs to see a specialist as has developed an overactive thyroid condition! Then there was more painting to do , this time in the lounge, there is just so much to do after the rewire to get back to normal that its sort of consuming most of my spare time :o(
I havent sculpted for about a month..? tis waaaaaay too long, the school holidays arent helping much for distractions either!! oh well , one day soon , I WILL have something to show you :o(
oh, life soooo gets in the way of having fun! LOL

back to the grindstone that is getting my house back to normal so that i can play !

I'm back :o) - again!

Hellooo!! FINALLY after weeks of rewiring , replastering and redecorating my workroom has been finished :o) the rest of my house still looks like a rather large bomb was dropped in it, but hey ... my workroom is looking just how it should be so I am a very happy bunny again this evening! it looks pretty much how it was before only a few feet wider and a different colour! I could have been back in there a little sooner if I hadnt decided to remove a large built in wardrobe to make a bit more space....... problem with that was the fact that I had to face and sort the mountain of junk that I had hidden in it & it was like a tardis!! I tried to be ruthless but it didnt work very well, the old ''but it might come in useful one day'' popped into my head and that was it........I failed to dejunk :o( ......... I shall stash all the 'un-decideds' in the garage and deal with it another day, LOL problem solved!!
Tomorrow I shall attempt to tidy the aftermath of my efforts today and then first thing Monday morning I shall be re-aquainting myself with the clay, hopefully the characters Ive been thinking up will form an orderly queue to get out of my head! (only a miniaturist can get away with saying I have lots of people in my head trying to escape , without being sectioned under the mental health act, hee, hee.)
I've really missed reading everyone elses blogs where Ive been so busy but will get round to you all and catch up soon I promise.