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Bad blogger !

well.... Monday came and went ....... more than once! I have had so many distractions its unreal. My son came home for a while cos he was poorly, but has gone back home again now, hes a bit better but needs to see a specialist as has developed an overactive thyroid condition! Then there was more painting to do , this time in the lounge, there is just so much to do after the rewire to get back to normal that its sort of consuming most of my spare time :o(
I havent sculpted for about a month..? tis waaaaaay too long, the school holidays arent helping much for distractions either!! oh well , one day soon , I WILL have something to show you :o(
oh, life soooo gets in the way of having fun! LOL

back to the grindstone that is getting my house back to normal so that i can play !


Debie Lyons said...

Geeesh Wendiekins, about to send out the search party to see where you had gone. Sorry to hear your Son has been poorly, thyroids are nasty. It wont be long before you are back in action. A lot of mini making peeps are busy with Real Life stuff at the moment. Chin up and hope to see some good things off you soon.
Debiekins xxxxxxxxxx

Kim said...

Hope you get to sculpt soon! One good thing about home renovations is that it's a perfect time for any redecorating since everything is all pulled apart anyway :)

Debbie said...

Wendie I know that feeling so much to do and so little time. Just think once its all finished you can concentrate on your Mini's..
I hope your Son is feeling better soon. xx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I like the dog bones in the midst of it all.
Such chaos, but wont it be lovely when its all back in place and you can play again.
Hope your son is ok and he can manage this. I don't know much about this type of problem.
I'd come and help but living in fear of my own house that needs all of this doing to too.
I dread the day!
Nikki x