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I've overlooked my birthday :o(

Ooooops! how did this happen? it's been a whole year and 3 days since I started blogging! and I did nothing to mark the occasion, nada, zilch! :o( I always thought I was a bad blogger and this has proved my point entirely.... I really should hang my head in shame LOL
so..... I need to make amends, and have decided that I should have a give-away to mark the 100 followers event instead :o) maybe presumptious...I may never get any more followers than I have now!!! this may be tomorrow, or next week or next month, realistically I expect it will take much, much longer!!! I'm hoping it takes at least until after the weekend as I havnt actually decided WHAT it is Im going to give away, so will need a couple of days to plan something. So watch this space...... well not this exact space but one on this page coming soon!! it will look like this :o)

A year ago today was quite an eventful day as it was the day my eldest baby moved into his first home of his own. A lot has happened since then and last weekend all his possessions moved back........ into my garage! but no, he isnt moving back home, (yet) in a few days time he is setting off with his best friend for a backpacking trip around Europe!!! We wont see him for about 4 months but have planned to meet up in SW France when we (the rest of the family) go on holiday in August, fingers crossed our plans work out! He has a couple more days at home so I shall have to make a big celebratory cake to stuff him full of calories to sustain him on his travels..... well..... its a good enough excuse for a cake isnt it?
This is why I need a few days to get an idea together as same son's old sleeping quarters are now my crafting room & guest room! as soon as he is off I shall get creating for a give-away gift, until then I am going to be being all mumsy and making sure he has enough clean socks and toothpaste!



Julie Kendall said...

Happy birthday you....Your a much better blogger than me.
I think a cake sounds a great idea....any left over you have my address....

Ascension said...

Felicidades, por tu aniversario blogero!!!
Seguire pasando para ver el regalito que vas a preparar.Deseale a tu hija, un feliz viaje y que se lo pase genial!!
besitos ascension

Debbie said...

"Happy Late Blog Birthday" Wendie..
Wishing your Son and his friend a safe and enjoyable trip.
And if there's cake I'll have a slice..xxx

julietk said...

I wish you a happy blog birthday whenever it was :-)I zoomed past mine without a celebration but I do bi monthly giveaways anyway. I wish your son good travels. I am sure you will be giving him lots of hugs to go with that cake before he is off. it must be a worry to let him go off in to the world. I will keep an eye out for your treasure chest ;-)

Glenda said...

Happy birthday!! We have a daughter who moved out last year . . . and moved back . . . and moved out again . . . and has her stuff stored here. . . ;-)
I wish your son great travels!!

Tallulah Belle said...

Happy late birthday :-)

Don't tell anyone but I missed mine as well...but it is OK we've both been preoccupied with dandelions lol.

I will be announcing a late giveaway on my blog soon so watch out.

Your Son will have the time of his life...lucky him. I think all youngsters should see the world before they get tied sown with marriage, babies and mortgages so good for him.

Hmmm my verification word is undress lol

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Happy Blog Birthday Wendie! He he Im hovering over my blog too as Im 1 away from 200 and every day i check and every day its still 199, I think ill never get yo 200 cos I keep looking at it, Im so sad! Look forward to your giveawy Ill be having one too if I ever get to that number! Have a great time with your son before he goes off and you worry yourself silly over him like we all do eh! Kate xxx

dale said...

Happy blog birthday! It's never too late to celebrate. :)

I'm sure you'll have a hundred and more followers.

Wish I was traveling through Europe on backpack!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Happy Birthday and happy blogging! I'm sure you will get more followers as well as you go along. I tend to be an intermittent blogger as life always intervenes! And I am past due having a blog giveaway Soon!


julie campbell said...

Hello Wendy,a belated happy belated blog birthday from me too !
Dont know where the last year went and now wondering if I missed mine too LOL I have a feeling we started blogging around the same time !
Hope your son has a fab time on his travels,
julie xxxx
( hmmm jaynes verification word was undress ? I wont even tell you what mine is !!!but its not a nice word and rhymes with pity !!! I should complain to blogger LOL)

Moongazer said...

Oh, happy blog birthday! From a complete bloggy newbie... xxx