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missing Mr Spangly Pants & other stuff

What a week! I have been VERY busy and then had a few days of being a bit glum as Number 1 son departed on his European backpacking adventure in the early hours of Saturday and I had all the expected mummy worries and then started to miss him. But, he isnt alone, he has his best friend and a rabbit wearing Spangly Pants to keep him company!!! .... it's a long story.... one of those ' you had to be here to get the joke' moments, but the rabbit demanded Spangly Pants for his travels so naturally, I made him some!

Today is a smiley day as we heard from him for the first time in days, so I have the 'phew!!! he's ok' feeling and know he's gonna be fine now. I can get on with 'stuff' now and leave him to it, happy in the knowledge that they are enjoying their Spangly-pants adventure!

Another thing to put a smile on my face today was whilst browsing through the other blogs on my morning read, I spotted one of my creations sat on a shelf on 'On Being A Mini Mum's' blog, its been at lease a year since I made any pumkin pals & it made me have a happy fuzzy feeling to see one again, so I may make some more up this week and maybe use them in my giveaway? & I'm 2 followers closer to the majick 100 :o) welcome to new followers #93 Glenda from Peppercorn Minis & #94 Michelle from Poppenhuis en miniaturen

right...... I'm off to 'remove the velcro from my rear thats keeping me on my chair' ( cheers for that Debbie! LOL x)


Ascension said...

Es dificil dejar volar a los hijos!!!!
Yo tengo 2, uno de 32 y uno de 25 y hasta que no estas segura que estan bien, no te puedes relajar.
Tu ya lo sabes, por lo tanto puedes seguir haciendo tus maravillas.
besitos ascension

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Oh I love bunny Spangly pants hes adorable and what a great companion! I wont say dont worry cos I know you will anyway but he'll have a fab time and before you know it will be home with you! Just been over to see your great pumpkin creation and found a great blog Id missed so thanks for the link Wendie!Kate xx

Debbie said...

I thought that was one of your Pumpkin Pals I spied over on Janice's blog.
Glad to hear No 1 Son is OK and enjoying his adventure with his best Friend and Spangly Pants Rabbit. LOL..
Hope you managed to get that Velcro Off your rear. xxxx

Debie Lyons said...

Glad to hear your Dan is ok Wendiekins. Luffin the Spangy wabbit.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxxxx

julietk said...

I am glad to hear your son is ok on his travels and has good company. Bunny must have heard they were going to do a lot of clubbing to demand spangly pants :-D

Glenda said...

Thankyou kindly for the welcome!! On reading your profile I realise that we are in a quite similar situation - children just left the nest, similar mini interests and similar reading interests.
I just love Terry Pratchett, particularly the witches series, and Tiffany Aching.
Cripple Mr Onion!!
Sausage onna stick, and that's cutting me own hand off!!


Janice said...

Hi Wendie, it was my pumpkin! I have edited my blog, thank you for letting me know.
My eldest son has the travelling bug and is off again next week for 8 weeks. This is his fourth long trip and I still worry for the first week, then I see pictures of him having the time of his life on Facebook and I go to bed happy.