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100 (101) followers!! = a give-away

Oh My Oh My!!! how to confuse a stoopid person..... last time I looked, the follower counter said I had 98 followers..... and I can see 2 more .... now when I went to school 98 + 2 = 100 but in blogland it says it equals 101 !!!!!!
hmmmmm........ maybe I should go back to skool?? LOL but......... whichever way it's counted, it's Give-away time!!! :o)

welcome to my 2 (or is it 3?) new followers
Margaret of My Petit Parterre who makes the most desirable candlestands and french style minis, and to Magpies -Miniatures who doesnt seem to have a blog, but does have an online store selling lots of lovely miniatures, click on their names to visit their pages.
I am more than a little puzzled as to how 1+1 =3 .... ???..... headology is at work here I'm sure.... I really MUST finish making Granny Weatherwax as I'm sure she is responsible for all this you know!!!
OK as promised, to enter this give-away all you need to do is....
* be a follower of this blog
* leave a comment on this post
* & Say which you'd like to receive if your name is picked out,
1. SleepyHead
2. Electrified
or 3. Plain
if you dont have a choice, I will choose for you.

I shall do the prize draw next Friday 21st May.

'SleepyHead' is in the Trainee Witches Dorm thats why he's asleep ...Ssssssshhhhhh



Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Oooh Wendie, Congratulations!! Id love old sleepy head so please enter me in the giveaway and keeping everything crossed. And if not lucky enough then PLEASE start to make them to sell again as they are adorable!! Lola wanted to join your blog and be your 100th follower but she wasnt quick enough, now she'll be 103!! Kate xx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

oh Kate ... that confusled me too...103?...whos 102? it still says 101 on my dashboard thingy Hahahaha I think I'd best go lie down.... or have a vino.... or have a vino and then lie down.... oh dear blogspot, please teach me how to count again LOL

MiniKat said...

Perhaps you have anonymous followers adding to your total?

I adore Sleepyhead! I'm with Kate... make some to sell for those of us who don't win. ;-)

Glenda said...

Wendie, congratulations!!
I love the Electrified one!

julietk said...

Congrats on reaching your giveaway target :-) our luck eh :-)
I would love Sleepy head too.

Matt Day said...

i remember electrified head!!! did you make some more? btw dont enter me to win - would be rather unfair seeing how were related hehe

Merry Jingle said...

Congratulations on the 102 followers :D

Gosh your pumpinks are nice, I love the Sleepyhead althoug I don't have a house he would fit in, but his expression is so cute :)

So please count me in for Sleepyhead :)


Naomi said...

Congratulations for your 100 followers!!
I love the three! but if i have to choose I'll pick the electrified one, becouse I'm new in miniatures and I don't know yet how to put lights!! hehe.

PD: sorry for my bad english, I'm spanish and I try to learn it...

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

He he Wendie no thats me not counting !!your right it is 102!!!!!! I think it is me needs the early night. FAB day at Kensington, tired feet, tired brain!!! Lola is thrilled to be 102 and will be commenting too for the giveaway, then we can argue of the pumpkin if one of us wins ha ha!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

Debbie said...

Wendie if your new follower is anonymous they don't show up at the front of the followers list, but go right to the back and have no picture, just the profile outline.
I'd love to enter your give away please and wouldn't mind any one of your Pumpkins. xxxx

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por tus seguidores.
Me encantaria participar en tu sorteo y me gustan los tres
besitos ascension

Janice said...

Hi Wendie, I would love to be included and don't mind which of your fun pumpkins could find its way to my house.

Karin F. said...

Hi Wendie....I'd love Sleepyhead.
I agree with Debbie; your extra follower is probably anonymous..
hugs Karin

dora said...

Congratulations on 101 fans, I love to participate in its drawing.
About... not found 1 follower, must be is anonymous.
Kisses and hugs Carmen

TINK-SONIA said...

Congrats Wendie,your work is always so original,i love it!!!Miniregards from Spain.

The Mini - Maker said...

Congrats Wendie!!!! I love your punkins! I'd love to win Sleepyhead... he's adorable!
Please enter me!!!!


WendiesMiniWorld said...

Oh My Oh My!!! I didnt expect SO many lovely comments in such a short time!! :o) thanx to all of you for joining in x

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Congrats! I love them all but I guess I would prefer electrified or plain for Joanna's Halloween decorations in her house! I finally got it electrified yesterday and though it was quite an ordeal, it is done! LOL!


Alennka said...

Hello Wendie,
I may be the reason that 1+1=3. I jouned last week (you were at 99 at the time) and although I'm not annonymous, I don't have a photo and was put right at the end of your followers list.

Your work is fabulous and I would love to enter your giveaway. Hard to choose, but I think I'd go for plain.

Sabiha Barkey said...

Wendy, congrats and thank you for your supporting comment on my blog!

If you are interessted in the saw please mail me...sabiha@lifestyle-interiors.nl