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new followers and not a lot else

oh dear.... Ive neglected you again :o(
it has been a strange week, but it appears I have another 2 followers bringing me closer to the majick 100 :o) so I had best get cracking on that give-away prize.... I think it may very well end up being a pumpkin peep of some sort as I recently spotted one of mine on Janice's blog and its given me a hankering to make some more, maybe an illuminated one, or one with hands ..... or feet.... or both.... I also HAVE to finish poor ol' Granny Weatherwax who has been naked since before xmas!!!! I'm amazed Ive not been seriously cursed by now!! or maybe I have? Ive been finding it really difficult to focus on my miniatures just lately :o( methinks Granny hexed me after all?

I AM going to attempt to lose myself in minis if I can this month but generally I dont like May very much as it is/was my Dads birthday today, he would've been 75. Its also the month which he died so it makes me a bit sad, .... so I shall eat cake in his memory :o)
on a happier note....
do you remember this time last year when I had to take my oldest chook to the vet who said she only had a short time to live because of a huge tumourous growth in her tummy? well.... she is STILL with me !!! her swollen tummy has gone, her feathers all regrown, hasnt laid an egg since, but is very happy for an old bird :o) Ive managed to somehow convince hubbs each time Ive wanted another chook that this new one is 'to replace Layla when she pops her clogs' I had 6 and lost a few along the way and now have 10 .... but Im sure he can count & I dont think I can keep that line going for much longer.... but when she does go ...... I may get away with just one more ;o)

anyway .... talking of one more, a warm welcome to my newbies -
welcome to #95 Alafosca who has 3 blogs , I dont know how you manage... I cant keep up with just my one!
and to #96 marleen who makes the most adorable beds and lots of other 'I want' stuff!

I shall give a small prize to follower 100 and then do another draw for whatever my main prize will be ..... best I get on ... I fear Im procrastinating again!



Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Oooh seriously great giveaway prize, cant wait for that one Wendie! I adore your pumpkins Kate xx

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm a HUGE Pratchett fan, so seeing Igor and Scraps on your page made it a must-follow for me! I've been longing to do a series of Pratchett-inspired roomboxes ...

All the best,


Janice said...

I am so glad that you are going back to pumpkins I love mine.

Loved the chicken tale, I am really jealous I have always wanted a few of the little beasties but our garden is too small.

I think Pratchett inspired projects is a fab idea.

Debbie said...

Wendiekins get creating Girl. I've been waiting to see Granny Weatherwax with her clothes on. Tis a wonder she hasn't caught Pneumonia, with all the bad weather we've had.
Love your Pumpkins..
See you are cuddling your Chook in your dressing gown, was this before or after you devoured half a packet of Jammy Creams. LOL..

Tallulah Belle said...

I am not a pumpkin girl but I LOVE those pumpkins. they have so much character lol.

If all Granny did is hex you then you are lucky....how'd you like to be left nekkid so long huh :-)

I love the way you cuddle your chooks :-) I can see why Layla is hanging on.

julie campbell said...

Love the photo of you and layla wendy,she looks a very happy chook indeed !
Love the pumpkins too, you should definitely make more of those !
julie xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

thanx for all the nice comments, punkin-peeps it is then judging by public opinion :o)
Im glad so many of you like Pratchett, I have such a long list of his charaters Id like to make, but just never seem to find time to make any of them!!! I could do with refilling that life timer with wet sand so it stands still for a while!!! maybe if I eventually dress Granny she might do me a lil favour? although I fear all she'll do is gimme a kick up the butt.
Dangerous Mezzo - welcome to my ramblings
Janice - I bet if I saw your garden I could find a lil space for a couple of chooks ;o)
Debbie - have you seen Nicky Cooper's Granny W that she just finished? she's fantastic, I just wish I could work as quick as her, and Ssshhh about the jammy creams.... the jaffa cakes are getting jealous!!

Margaret said...

Just found your blog and love your pumpkins, also love the photo of you with your little chooky. We had chooks when I was growing up. When my parents decided to do away with the hen house, the girls were boarded with my aunt who also had chooks. Unfortunately she lost track of which were which and we found we out we must have eaten some of our little friends. So sad.
Love your work!

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Margaret - Hi, thats a sad stoy :o( my daughter has vowed to become a vegetarian if we ever ate any of our feathered friends from the garden!