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Drum Roll please.......

todays the day for my blog draw,
I seem to have lost a follower somehow :o( and am down to 101 again, ??? blogcount numbers always confuse me LOL ... but confusing me has never really been that difficult anyway ;o)
without further ado...........................
I didnt really have a clue how to do the draw for the seperate Pumkin Peeps, so just put all the names in together and hoped for the best, and figured it'd work itself out somehow!

which it did,
and the winners were....

Congratulations are going to all parts of the world it seems, and go to

Ira from Merry Jingle Crafts is now the new owner of 'Sleepyhead'

Glenda over at Peppercorn Minis who will be receiving the Pumpkin light - which seems rather appropriate seeing as she nows appears to be follower 100 :o)

& Jody of Peach Blossom Hill who will be getting the plain candle one

If you could email me your postal addresses please, so that I can post them to you.
I may make some more Pumkin Peeps sometime for sale on Ebay/Etsy, but alas at the moment my son has temporarily moved back home and therefore taken over our guestroom = MY WORK SPACE!!!! :o( so it may be a while before I can get in there and wade through his 'stuff' to get to my 'stuff' AKA: retreive my craft belongings in order to make some more! anyone thats ever had nomadic kids should understand exactly what I mean LOL



Merry Jingle said...

Oh my, this really made my day :) Winning this fabulous work of yours is going to be the beginning of a new house, as Sleepy Head needs his own place in a wichy house :)

Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend :)

And congratulations to Glenda and Jody :)


julietk said...

Congratulations to your winners :-)

Debbie said...

Many Congratulations to all your winners Wendie.. xxx

Glenda said...

Wow!! Woo hoo!!! What an excellent start to the day - all I had to look forward to was more boring packing up of the house.
Thank so much for offering the giveaway, Wendie - I didn't think I'd have a chance!
I think a witchy setting is looming on my horizon!
Can you please hold it for me for a week or so until I'm at my new address?
Congratulations to other winners, too!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Ahhh now Im going to sit and sulk lol!! Only joking congrats to all the winners, what wonderful goodies you will recieve!! Kate xx

julie campbell said...

Congratulations to the winners !
You should definitely make some of these for etsy wendy.
Bet you are secretly thrilled to have your son back for a wee while :0)
julie xxx

Peach Blossom Hill said...

How wonderful, Wendie! It will find a special place in the witch's cottage which has gotten better accessorized lately by The Whitaker's and Chis V.at Candid Canine. I am collecting quite a little bounty of items made by my fellow bloggers and am so fortunate to count you all as friends!


WendiesMiniWorld said...

Its a shame I dont have enough Pumkins for everyone that entered to receive one :o(
Ira (merry jingle) - Sleepyhead is going to be a pampered pumkin by the sounds of it :o) I think he'll be very happy indeed.
Glenda - I'm glad I started your day with a smile :o) of course I dont mind, just let me know when you're ready for me to send it to you, & good luck with all your packing & the imminent move.
Kate - now I have guilt LOL I have your address somewhere and may very well send Lola a consolation prize anyway x (if/when I can get back to my workbench!!)
Julie - thankyou, praise from you makes me smile greatly :o) if only I had your talent, Id be permanently beaming! and yes, a bit thrilled, but only a bit mind LOL
Jody - your winning streak is going to be the envy of blogland soon LOL just smile while it lasts!!! and go buy a lottery ticket ;o)

Julie Kendall said...

Congratulations to winning peeps. Wendie I missed this........, they are blooming fab ..put some up for sale you.....I know, im being very VERY naggy....lol

Janice said...

Well done everyone. I was lucky enough to win one of Wendie's pumpkins a long time ago on Ebay. They are fabulous!
Thank you Wendie for arranging this.