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Bargains & painted metal minis

Anyone who reads Kat the Hat's blog recently would have seen a cute little unpainted mini articulated metal crocodile on there, well... I was lucky enough to find a few bits like that myself a while ago too and my lovely son painted them up for me using his Warhammer paints (citadel paints) so as I promised Kat I'd show mine, here's what they could look like when painted up.
First he put a base coat of 'chaos black' on all over, then added a a light coat of 'catachan green' and then added highlights using 'camo green' and dry brushed 'snot green' (dontya just love that name!?) for final highlights. For his muddy feet & tail he used 'graveyard earth' with a highlight of 'kommando khaki', his eye was a tiny dab of 'sunburst yellow'. He has some fantastic Warhammer gaming pieces that he decorated that are 1:38 - 1:42 scale! I cant do smaller than 1:12 or my eyeballs would explode even with my magnifier methinks..... ahhh the joys of youth!

Here's a few other bits I need to get painted up too, and the cost of these unpainted pieces?.... I managed to get them all for just 50p each!!!

I found a few more bargains today when I visited a local dollshouse fair, I needed to get some wooden flooring as I have all but given up with the madness of trying to assemble a diagonal parquet floor in the skool of majick so am conceding to plain old floorboards just so that I can get the floors finished and get motivated to do some more work on it again.
Some of the things I bought today were sea shells - just a penny each, goldfish - 25p each, & I was pleased to find lots of terracotta pots that each were less than my target 50p bargain budget LOL but I did push the boat out a bit and spent £1.35 on a xmas teatowel for my Santa house! the reason for my stingey-ness? hubbs decided to accompany me for the first time ever so I was trying not to overspend as it doesnt help any woman anywhere if the fellas find out how much we COULD spend! eh?

I shall have a play with some scenic water during the week as soon as I find the goldfish bowl I bought a few years ago and stashed away somewhere.... poor goldfish!

Edit : forgot to say ... son is planning on finishing the other croc off as a psychadelic purple lizard! so watch this space in the next day or so! all he wants in return is some spangly blue pants for his bunny-ted 'Frumpy' that he is taking on his European travels next week .... life is never dull here!!! LOL



Michelle's Mad World said...

Fabulous mini's Wendie and GREAT prices too! I have that collection of black cats (I had 5 in a box), the witch has 3 or them! lol

I love the croc's too! But VERY unusual names of paint colours! lol

It will be good to see you back mini making again.

I know what you mean about telling peeps what you spend on mini's...I sometimes quote a lower price than it really was! lol However, I ALWAYS state the real price when I grab a bargin! lol ;oP

Michelle xx

Kat The Hat Lady said...

He's so sweet painted up :-) I shall have to paint my one now ha ha! I love Aladin's lamp!

Ascension said...

Son una maravilla, dale la enhorabuena a tu hijo.
Las compras geniales!!!
besitos ascension

Eva said...

Lucky woman, all minis are great. i have one of this cocodrile too and it is so cute!

Debbie said...

Some great bargains Wendie and I love your little croc's but not sure about the name of the paint "Snot Green"..LOL xxx

Tallulah Belle said...

ooh some right bargains there lucky you.

Love the crocs.

My hubby was into Warhammer big time. I think half our marriage was spent in Games Workshop lol.

He never ever played it though...just bought the figures, painted them then displayed them

He was really good at it but I just didn't get it back then and would have preferred going to the beach instead of watching him spend hours painting an eyeball lol.

Now I actually wish I could take all of that whining back because now I do understand.