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Despite being skinter than a skint thing, the overwhelming urge to go to Miniatura has got me! I missed it last year and KDF too and know I'd be sulking all next weekend thinking that I should've gone and didnt, so I fluttered my eyelashes, counted the pennies and justified the day trip until before you know it I was ordering my tickets :o)
I shall be there on the Saturday so if anyone else wants to meet up and say Hi, let me know xxx
I am so excited!!!


Mags Cassidy said...

Do stop by...G6...love to see you.

Michelle's Mad World said...

Wish I was going, but Miniatura just too far. :o(( Will you be going to KDF next year? :o))

Have a great time anyhow! :o))

Kat the hat lady! said...

Shame I cannot go this year, going to a pumpkin Festival :-). Maybe we could meet up at next years Miniatura :-) xx Have a wonderful time, let us all know what goodies you buy.

Debbie said...

Lucky Girl Wendie. We all want a roving reporters run down, of your day. Please take the camera and sneak a few piccies.. Have a wonderful time and give Debie a hug from me..xxx

Glenda said...

Good for you, Wendie!! The good thing about being skint (there aren't many!) is that you really appreciate it when you do spoil yourself! Enjoy!! :))))

WendiesMiniWorld said...

I shall Mags x

Michelle - :o( Thats a shame, I'm gonna try & make KDF too, will have to keep the family on bread & water for a bit longer LOL

Kat - a pumpkin festival sounds fun!!! bet you get some fantastic pumpkin pics! meeting you would be lovely Kat :o) I shall have to start saving hard (or working hard!) for all the shows Im committing myself to LOL

Debbie - I shall be tired at the end of the day (its a long drive) but will do my best to give my report as soon as possible, and hugs for my Debiekins goes without saying :o)

Glenda - very true, but I shall enjoy having a look at all the fantastic goodies there even if I shant be able to afford to buy as many of them as I'd like. There are lots of peeps I havnt seen for ages to catch up with too so I know it'll be a great day out now matter what.