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I had a wonderful day at Miniatura yesterday, and am so glad I decided to go after all. The day started on a high when I met one of my lovely customers who had flown over from America! she collected her order from me and happily liked what I'd made so I had some money to spend which made me very happy indeed!
This is the pumpkin witch & travelling trunk I made her, and some smaller peeps.
I then met up and chatted with lots of mini-ing friends and bloggers AND found time to spend lots of money too!! If I had more £, I'd have just spent more, as there were so many beautiful things Id have liked to have bought but alas, not on this trip :o(.... do you hear the sad violin tune playing? LOL
These are some of the things I bought... (a certain person has been nagging me since I got back for pics of my 'tiny treasures' so hope it keeps her happy LOL )
My first stop was to say Hi to Julie of Bellabelle Dolls and I fell in love with her new marotte dolls and just had to have one I also had a bit of a splurge on Mags Cassidy's stand too! she was selling out fast and I could totally understand why, she needs to make more witchy stuff as it proved very popular. This is what I got from her, click the pics to make them bigger as these small images really dont do them justice!
We had a good 'ol natter and a giggle, one day I shall have a stand next to hers and we shall put the world to rights but we'd sell more if we were further apart! LOL
I lost count how many giggly chats I had with my twinikins Debie from Piskies & Poppets, and think we may have worn our jaws and ears out, but still wish I could have been there today as well to do it all again :o)
I also bought lots of 'doing' stuff too, shiny 'things' to convert into other 'things' from TeePee crafts, and some cold porcelain, colouring, cutters, wires etc as I fancied having a go with another medium as the leaves I've been making from Fimo are just not thin enough and I can (hopefully) acheive this with the cold porcelain. I also bought lots of bulb wires so I can make some more lit up pumpkins, oh and some cernit clay. After the moonies and hairline cracks Ive had in the other clays Ive been using lately, I thought I should try this out. I shall be running a test on all my clays and will report the findings here when Ive done them. I have high hopes for this stuff and hope it doesnt disappoint :o)please forgive the odd picture... blogger has been a pain in the rear this evening and driven me nuts with its shannanigans wanting to put the pic sideways!! ? I gave up arguing with it and tried to outsmart it.... it almost worked so Im obviously not that smart? LOL

I also had a freebie from the very lovely Angie Scarr, I'm hoping it brings me luck and lots of real £ - then I can go shopping again :o)

and.... I spoke to Bea from Petite properties too who informed me I've also been included on AIM grapevine this month click the pic below to read the fantastic online magazine!
there's a 101 more things to tell you & share, but it'll have to wait till another time ...



Clara said...

¡Estupendas compras!
Me alegro que tu cliente esté contenta con la entrega.
Tu has comprado muy bien. El regalo de Angie es muy original.
Besos Clara.

Debbie said...

Fabulous Wendie. I've been such a good girl waiting so patiently to see your stash. Love it all, but my favourite is the tomb stone and vulture.
Wendie, I've used cold porcelain to make flowers and you can get it to go really thin. But remember what ever you make shrinks by up to 30%. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures, I was gutted that I couldn't go. But I did some internet shopping instead, I just couldn't resist the BUY button..
Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures..xxx

Glenda said...

Wendie, I'm so glad you had a good day - with finding goodies, but mostly with meeting friends!!
Thanks for the show and tell - much appreciated from those of us who are Fairless!! :)))
Your pumpkin witch is lovely!

About clay cracking - I've heard that using a tiny bit of Sculpey Moldmaker (which is flexible) mixed into the clay can make it stronger. Have you tried this at all?


Jain Squires said...

Hello Wendie,
Good to see you again this weekend. You've bought some beautiful bits and pieces. Had to laugh as the stuff you got from Mags was almost identical to what I bought from her!! Wonderful!!! and yes she needs to do more. Jain x

julie campbell said...

Hi wendy,
lovely to see you on saturday :0)
love your buys and your makes ! no wonder yopur customer was pleased , they look fab,
julie xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Im so pleased you went Wendie, its lovely to spend a day amongst friends and minis! Some great buys and your pumpkin witch is fabulous, bet you were loathed to see her go! KAte xxx

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por esas preciosas compras.
Tu cliente tambien estara muy contenta.
Me encanta el regalo de Angie.
besitos ascension

Kat the hat lady! said...

Glad you had a great time and got some cool miniatures. Perhaps we could all meet up next years Miniatura!

Tallulah Belle said...

Glad you had a good time...some wonderful purchases there :-)

How wonderful to be able to meet your customer there and give her the order in person...that would make my day.

Love the trunk....clever idea lol

Janice said...

It was a good day out wasn't it. I thought i saw you at Mag's stand but I was a bit too shy to say hello in case i ended up burbling about blogging to a complete stranger!
My lovely pumpkins have arrived safe and sound. thank you so much.
You have lots of lovely new things to play with and I am sure you were inspired by all the fabulous items at Miniatura.
The travelling trunk is wonderful and I saw nothing like it at Birmingham. When my bank account has recovered I will have to contact you.....

WendiesMiniWorld said...

thank you for all your lovely comments :o)
Clara - No sé cómo Angie hace cañas tan detallado, el verdadero talento de verdad!

Debbie - 'waiting patiently'? hahaha apart from facebook nagging LOL! thanks for the tip re: shrinkage, I never knew that & was never any good at maths so that will throw my scaling right out!! LOL so what did you buy from the comfort of your chair? you never said... (wendie now waits 'patiently'.....)

Glenda - does moldmaker mix with clays other than sculpey though?
if so its worth a try. Thankyou, are there no shows in NZ at all? oh that must be frustrating?

Jain - a case of great minds thinking alike eh? :o) was good to see you again too.

Julie - Thanx, wish mine were as good as yours though, your display was fantastic! praise from you makes me really smile!! :o)

Kate - I barely had time to get to now this doll! she was a really quick last minute one, but yes, I miss all of them as soon as theyre gone, not as much as my Dracula tho....swoons...the one that got away :o)LOL

Ascension - fue un gran día, todo el mundo era feliz

Kat - that would be great! we'd all be chatting more than shopping though LOL

Tallulah - it was special and she was so sweet, she even sent me a pic that her hubby took of us meeting :o) does this mean I'm a celebrity now ? LOL the trunk is a repeat of something I made ages ago, and I was really nervous making it cos I couldnt really remember how I did it in the first place!!! so I was relieved it turned out right!

Janice - you should have said Hi... am sad now :o( glad you like your 'kins & I'd love to make a trunk for you, just gimme email me when you're ready :o) x

Tallulah Belle said...

Ha I am like that with my plants...do one then struggle to recreate it lol.

Can I have your autograph please now you are a celeb :-)