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just a quickie

just a quick line to apologize for my blogland absence .... again! Real life keeps attempting to force me into doing anything other than what I have plans for!!!
I've had a few ongoing health issues that thankfully some of which have now been resolved :o) but, my nomadic son is on the move again and because he's been staying in my workroom it has caused a few delays and 'occupational hiccups'.... clay and airborn dust 'n' fluff REALLY do not mix well! ...actually they mix only too well, which has created many issues.... hairy candles just dont look right! so I have downed tools and taken to the golf course to escape the madness!! I really do apologize to those who are waiting for orders, but I have taken the very selfish attitude of putting myself first for a bit.... or I may have had a serious meltdown!! I have no intention of ruining anyones Halloween scenes, so 'last minute wendie' policies will be in force and you'll have a big sigh of relief when your orders arrive just in time!
Hope you can understand.
I won't be gone long!

Edit... I'm also having trouble reading & leaving comments on some peeps blogs, if I havnt seemed to have visited for a while, then you may be one of the blogs that I cant read, (possibly something to with backgrounds and text conflicts?) but its nice to be able to see the pics anyway :o)



Debbie said...

Now tell the truth Wendiekins, your obsessed with that new Electric Golf Cart..LOL
Take some time for yourself Wendie, you obviously need it..xxxx

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Wendie, Take all the time you need on my order. I don't need them for Halloween. I understand about sanity and you do need to put yourself first. Have a great time with your golf.

Victoria XXX ♥

WendiesMiniWorld said...

for those that dont know what Debbie's on about with the electric golf cart... hubbs made me wait in all day for a parcel for him and it turned out to be a new electric golf trolley for me, as a cheer me up pressie! :o) bless him x it'd be a shame not to make the most of it!
but... no matter what Vicky, even if I have to sculpt in the garden! I'll finish your candles and get them to you before Halloween even if I have to fly over the big pond on my broomstick to deliver them! LOL

Debie Lyons said...

((((((((((( Hugs )))))))))))))

I ditto you Kins xxx

Lorra Luffies


Glenda said...

Take care of yourself, Wendie!!
Enjoy your golf!