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whinge alert!!!

I'm seriously fed up with myself now!!! Last year I completely missed Halloween because I was in hospital having my gall bladder removed and so was REALLY looking forward to having a big celebration this year to make up for it, BUT..... once again my body has other ideas as I've only gone and done my back in again somehow and so spent most of the last few days horizontal!...... no jokes please, it wasnt a fun kind of horizontal!! its all my fault anyway as I will insist on overdoing things when I feel ok! I did manage to get to see my phsysio-terrorist this morning but she didnt think it was gonna be a quick fix, as it seems Ive damaged/over stretched? the ligaments again that I tore last xmas, so poor ol Boris our big friendly Spidey might not be coming out of the cupboard this week as me & ladders are gonna be a definite no-no for a while :o( This pic was taken the last time we had 'Boris' out of the cupboard... poor thing must be lonely in there! but I can barely stand at the moment let alone walk very far so wont be doing any Trick or Treating or playing hostess with the mostest this year :o( thankfully I can still have some Halloween fun with all the online gatherings instead and am just going to put off my partying for another year.... again! and my golf... sob, sob... second thoughts, I never did like playing in the rain anyway so that may be the excuse I was looking for LOL
Hopefully this latest ailment wont keep me from my mini-ing too long, who knows? not me! I shall keep popping back to read the blogs but I may not be creating anything new or posting again for a while, but I WILL be back! x



julietk said...

Aw poor you, I hope you feel better soon.

Dragonfly said...

Aww I sympathize with you, LOL I had a whinge on my blog last week because all my plans for Halloween have also gone to pot, but as I put on there, the best thing about the festivals is that they come each year. So your plans aren't cancelled, just put on hold :) if you feel like blog partying, I know both Kat the hat lady of miniature hat fame is having a halloween party online next weekend and Aine from the Deepest Well blog is having an Ancestors Ball. Might see you there, hope you feel better soon.
Jane x

Glenda said...

Wendie, I'm sorry your health is not co-operating. I can say ditto on the gall bladder experience - I missed out on Christmas a few years back, also I put my back out recently and was 'off' for two weeks. The physio-terrorist (love that name!!) said that after it stops hurting there's still a lot of healing to be done, so do take care of yourself! :)

BTW there's a little envelope on its way to you, but don't get too exceited :)


Marisa Stein said...

I feel you girl, my back went out this weekend I had a devil of a time getting to work today.

Hope you get better soon and sorry you are missing out on Halloween.

Big Hugs
Marisa :)

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

Hope your feeling better soon. Spend halloween with us on the blogs, we'll be joining in with Kat's Halloween party, so there should be some fun and maybe Boris can peep through the cupboard door!
Take care, Julia xx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

thanx girls :o) I went to see my chiropracter on Monday and again today and she really put me through it! but its feeling a LOT easier now, just hope it lasts until next Monday when I see her again! I cant sit comfortably enough to sculpt but have discovered I can stand & do papier mache at the kitchen worktop ok :o) so am making a house display 'thing' to stop me going mad instead! will put pics up at the weekend hopefully for my halloween blog party post.

Glenda - Your packet arrived this morning, You are such a sweetheart! I promise to try it out as soon as Im up to sculpting again, 1% is such a tiny amount to add so look forward to seeing the difference it'll make :o) thankyou x
PS hubbs said its a miracle it got through customs, putty like stuff wrapped in tin foil!!! suprised they didnt think it was explosives! LOL

Glenda said...

I was a bit worried it would be picked up - I marked the envelope with what was inside in case customs got twitchy - also that's why I included the packet details. Glad it got there safe. I have more in my stash if you need it, it's not being used, LOL. Polymer clay and I are on a sort of 'circling the wrestling ring' arrangement - it wins most of the time, and my attempts mostly get thrown in the bin! :)