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Halloween & a slightly bigger than usual PlumpKin!

I've seen some wonderful Halloween blog posts this year :o) this probly isnt one of them tho!!! but I wanted to take part in Kat the Hats Halloween Blog Party so here's my post, last minute me strikes again LOL!
I had a feeling my back wasnt going to let me have much fun this week and I wasnt far wrong, BUT.... the main reason I've not posted for a while is that I now have a new computer :o)!!! YAY :o) I was limited in trying to communicate for a while with just facebook via my mobile phone so am overjoyed to 'normal' again so quickly. What did we do before all this technology me wonders!!! anyways, I had no idea that retreiving and reloading all the files and programs to my new shiny majickal box would be so mentally taxing!!! let alone learning the differences between my old operating system and Vista! So I may have missed out on most of the Halloween fun but can assure you I have spent my fair share of time in 'Hell' LOL
I did however spend a few minutes a few times each day attempting to make myself a paper-mache pumpkin house, but didnt quite get to the finish line in time for the big day! jeez get out the violins!!! haha
this is the story so far.... this started when I saw a Pumpkin by Stolloween on facebook where it showed the internal makings of a mache pumpkin. It was 'just' strips of card attached to a floorplate with strips of card or newspaper weaved between to make a base for the mache to be added, the first pic is not mine as I forgot to take a pic of how I started mine D'oh! so I hope he doesnt mind me using it. but you get the idea? I only wanted a half pumpkin so made a few adjustments.
Then began the layering up.... I had to make a few cuts in the top to give it a bit more shape, the central tube was just to support the shape while it dried.

until it got soggy.... and had to be replaced by something a bit sturdier when I added the 'stalk'!

lots and LOTS of coats of paint later!... so far its had 2 coats of white and & 7.... yes, 7 coats of orange, I reckon it probly needs another few to be totally orange. NOTE: I learnt that using a good coat of ordinary household white emulsion was much more effective at covering newspaper mache than white poster paint or acrylic! and when you've already got backache those few minutes saved mean a lot!!!
I still need to paint the inside a pale pumkinny colour and then add a floor and some shelving into the natural curved alcoves and .... you know how it goes, IF I'm lucky I may have it finished before NEXT Halloween!



The Old Maid said...

This is looking already superb!:)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

What a cute idea. I look forward to seeing this completed.

Victoria ♥

Glenda said...

Fun idea!! Glad you can do some craft work :)
Hope your back is getting better!

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Thankyou all,
Victoria, I hope it does get completed.... I have too many ufo's about these parts already! LOL
Glenda, Ive not been able to do very much crafting as its been quite uncomfortable to sit for any length of time, so this project was ideal as I could stand up to do it and its saved my sanity! :o)
I know this is a slow recovery thing, Ive strained the same ligaments & tendons before but at least I know my limits now and if Im sensible (?!), hopefully it wont take as long to heal this time?

julie campbell said...

This looks really good wendy, I want to make one too !
hope you heal fast,
julie xx

Kat the hat lady! said...

Oh wow great post cannot wait to see the pumpkin finished. Hey maybe if you finish it in time you can show it off for my Halloween party next year tee hee! I hope you get better soon and thank you so much for joining my Haunted House Halloween party, bless you :-).

Debbie said...

Looking forward to seeing this finished Wendie. Have you done any more on your School? xxx