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Carnivaaaaaal :o)

Every year my hometown has the most amazing illuminated carnival, said to be the largest in the world! so I thought some of you out there in blogosphere might be interested to see a few pics of the Bridgwater carnival that went on a few days ago. This event attracts visitors to our town from all over the world. I realised this year that I take this amazing spectacle quite for granted as I dont even go to watch it some years! There are lots of different categories that the floats are judged in, some floats are called Tableaux and the people on them remain absolutely still throughout the procession,
like these ones

while others have carts with moving parts that go in all directions with dancers on that continue for the 2 hrs plus that it takes to go through the streets!

Gremlins CC 'Runaway Train'
Gremlins usually win the show and did so again for the 7th time in a row as overall champions! but when we got a first glimpse of this one coming we all knew it was special, and it went on to win the top prize in the open feature cart section.

Masqueraders CC

and this one came 2nd
This was the last 'cart' and was totally my favourite
Harlequins CC

Despite the weather usually being wet and cold it doesnt put anyone off this wonderful free event. There are collectors that walk alongside the procession and collect donations which usually raises between £20-30,000 which is distributed to various charities. The sad thing is that this works out at just 50p-£1 per person watching, which is quite disappointing as the people in the clubs involved give their time and skills for free and build these wonderful entries from scratch each year !!
It is most amusing walking around our town at times, seeing some of the fantastic costumes that will be appearing on the carts that year. I'm glad I went to watch it :o)

more info about this great event can be found on this website



Michelle's Mad World said...

I saw this on my local news! :o)) You also have a fab firework display too don't you! It looks wonderful and lets hope even more money will be raised next year. :o))

Michelle xxx

Glenda said...

This is so beautiful!! There's something magical about lights, these floats are fantastic!!

WendiesMiniWorld said...

we do Michelle, they are always on the first Thursday in November with the Carnival following the next day. Then it moves to the next village and on and on throughout Somerset. the Bridgwater Carnival is always the biggest and the best one though... not that I'm biased LOL

Glenda, its not just the lights that are majickal, they all play music too and you are just mesmerised as the floats pass :o)

Janice said...

What a super event. There are lots of great occasions like this all around the UK that most of us know nothing about. Thank you for sharing it.
It looks like great fun even in the cold.

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing the video's and pictures Wendie. I didn't know about this Carnival. Love the Masqueraders Float. xxx

Kat the hat lady! said...

Oh wow how cool! Nothing interesting happend where I live! :-( ha ha! Thank you for sharing the photos and the little movie footage. Lots of fun. Kat xx