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out of the loop

just a quickie to let you know I'm still about, and attempting to keep up to date reading all the blogs, even if I dont comment on them, as I still cant sit for long and so am trying to cram in as much as possible in my windows of opportunity! I was making some progress with my back problem and then I took the dog for a stroll at the weekend and got yanked sideways putting me flat on my back again!!! :o( this setback is gonna take me months to rebuild my ripped muscles..... Im doing things properly, heat and ice and have an excercise plan from my phsyio-terrorist oh and the other important ingredient... drugs!!! :o) ....as a friend said to me the other day 'better living through chemistry' ! hopefully if I do as Im told I shall be mobile again by the new year... I wonder if hubbs realises I havent done ANY xmas shopping yet?... LOL its gonna be interesting!!!! I just really hope I can find a way to do some crafting or I may go insane with boredom!!!!



Glenda said...

So sorry to hear you're out of commission again, Wendie.
Take good care of yourself!!
xxx Glenda

Janice said...

Take care of yourself Wendie. No more dog walking!

Tallulah Belle said...

Hope you heal up real quick xxx

Debbie said...

Internet Shopping Wendie. Make a list get Hubby and his Credit Card placed in front of the screen and away they go.. Feel better soon xxxx