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Introducing my houses

Well, I did say I wasnt going to blog for a while, but decided I had been wallowing in gloom for far too long and had to pull my finger out from wherever it was stuck and get on with 'stuff'! I will probably still have more off days than good ones, but at least I will feel like Ive occasionally acheived something!
So ...... hubby obligingly helped shift tons of my 'stuff' about and totally reorganised my workroom so that I now have some space to work on my two neglected dollshouses :o)
this is 'Hagathas Skool of Majick & Witchery' which I made from my own plans a few years ago & never finished

and this is my newest house, it's going to be Santa'sToyshop
(I bought this over a year ago and all it's done since is gather dust!)

I have an awful habit of starting things, then starting more things and never actually finishing ANYTHING! which sort of perpetuates my feelings of inadequacy, so I thought I had best do something positive to change these feelings. I still may not finish anything very quickly, but by putting it all on the blog, I can maybe give myself a nudge to do a bit more every know and then, after all, not much point making dolls that have nowhere to live, right?
anyway, I made a start on the santa house by decorating the main 'Toyshop' room. I couldn't find any wallpaper I liked, so scanned in some xmassy holly fabric from my stash and printed it out onto paper.

I need to paint the window frames and fit the glass next I think as I want to get the room finished as soon as I can so that its an incentive to do something to the rest of the house.
I've taken lots of pics of things to add to the blog but will leave it here for now, Id love to hear any ideas about colours for the front of the house, as I dont really know what I want to do to it , other than put paperclay tiles on the roof and have the sides of the building (which are plain) have some exposed brickwork showing through cracked and crumbling plaster ....... I just need to learn the skills and find the time to do it!


Kathi said...

So happy to find your blog! Both of your houses are great! They look so well made too. Can't wait to see your progress with them. Bear Cabin Miniatures has a tutorial today about doing plaster and brick work. They make it look easy!
Hope you have a beautiful day!

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Hello and welcome Kathi :o) Ive just been and had a look at the tutorial you mentioned, and it makes it look very easy! I will definitely try it soon, thankyou.
I love your coffee stirrer sofa bench by the way!!! such a simple idea and looks perfect for my mums conservatory .... will have to add it to my 'to do' list LOL

MiniKat said...

Love the houses, Wendiekins. What sorts of things are going to go into Hagatha's?

Do you want the outside of Santa's shop to stand out from the snow, or blend in? That decision might help with color choices. Myself, I'd choose to stain and age most of it and then make "ice" over parts of it.

Debie Lyons said...

I love your houses Wendiekins. They are wonderful. I suffer from the blues and the downy dumpies a lot. A little trick I use to chase them away is to finish just one thing a day even its a teeny tiny little thing. You never set yourself a finishing task that you know you cant finish in that day. There is no pressure on you then to finish more than you can. You should see the pile of stuff I have on the go LOL. You are not alone (MJ hum along now) I will finish things with you, Dont sit there and mope just get out the glue....
Waffle over.
Debiekins Twinniekins xxxxxxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I love both your house and totally get you. I also get the same feeling you describe. I too start things, never finish them and end up feeling like i have somehow failed, almost made a fool of myself, lol. But its good to be like that i think, because it shows you have lots of interest and at least its never going to be boring. The best things is to do what you can, when you can and never with any pressure like you feel you have to. At least thats what i tell myself.
Shoved all my houses in the loft the other day so i dont have to look at them until i feel in the mood, lol. Maybe they will come back down when im old and grey.
Will think up ideas about colours for you.
Although not having ever finished a house i really dont know how they are finished, let alone atarted.
Nikki xxx

Tabitha Corsica said...

Hi Wendy...don't know how I've missed your blog. Your two house are great and especially like the Santa one. I have been looking for such a thing for a while and this is the first I've liked. Whereever did you get it? Or did you built is from scratch? It's verry North Pole-like.

Don't get down about unfinished business. My old miniature club members held contests to see who had the most unfinished projects. LOL I started my "big house' when my son was 1 yr old....it is still not finished and he is 17 now!

I think the Santa Workshop would look great with a Tyrolian look...I think it is stain with some colors (try Googling images for examples.)

Keep the faith!


WendiesMiniWorld said...

Katkins - Ive got lots of things for Hagathas house already, theres a dormitory for 6 trainees in the roof space and a big kitchen/diner/spellroom downstairs and a classroom and.... maybe I should just take more piccies? Oh & I LOVE your icicles idea :o) thankyou

Debiekins - thanx for the tune! I shall hum it whenever I get down x

Nikkinix - I could never relegate my stuff to the loft ..... it would collapse under the sheer weight up there! my 'stuff' may get me down at times but your right, its never 'boring' here LOL

welcome Tabitha :o) - 17 yrs is a long time to finish a project, but is a house ever truly finished? theres always room to squueze in another mini thing somewhere!
as for the Santa house, Ive had a few peeps ask me where I got it ... it was a limited edition make from the dollshousebuilder.com a few yrs ago and I know they are all now sold. I knew it would be a while before I could do anything with it but theres a funny gap under the stairs that looked perfect for elf beds so I just HAD to have it!!

Tallulah Belle said...

Oooh ooohhh oooohhh Wendie...I love them both.

The first is sort of what I have in mind for my pickled Vicar but smaller.

The second....well it is just awesome and so gothic.

Honestly, American dollhouses suck compared to the English ones but the shipping to get them here is too much for me :-(

Do you recall where you got the church shaped windows from ?

What is the second kit...that would make a fab addition to the PV for the vicar to live in.

And I am the same with unfinished stuff ...I have the attention span of a gnat...one reason I like commissions is I have to finish them lol.

The PV hasn't even made it off paper plans :-( I do have the vicar though (Thanks Debie), his moped, some urinals for the mens loos and bits and pieces to go inside :-)

Glad to see you back as well (((())))

ruthie said...

thank you for visiting faerietale of inspiration blog, i love your bargains!! Wow that santas workshop is going to be stunning. I have been so tempted by all the wonderful miniature creations i have come across blogging!

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Tallulah - I lolled at the pickled vicar! at least he has his urinal!! where on earth did you find one of those? hee hee
Oh and I got the church shaped windows in Hagathas skool from Glenowen

Ruthie - your inspiration blog really does just that! its always a pleasure to visit, its full of absolutely georgeous stuff :o) thats my problem with blogland, so many wonderful things to look at and not enough time left for me to actually DO much LOL

Tallulah Belle said...

The pickled vicar will be awesome....if it ever gets built lol.

I got the urinals from somewhere in Scotland...I was looking for ages and a friend sent me some but I am not sure where they came from.

they need dirtying up somewhat though...that should be fun lol

I can't see those windows at Glenowen any more :-(

Do you remember the name of that kit you are suing for the toyshop ?

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Tallulah - ewww at researching dirty urinals!!! just keep telling yourself 'it's not real it's paint'!!!
??? eh ??? I'm not suing anyone!! LOL the toyshop was a limited edition from the dollshouse builder, and there are no more left now, sorry :o( makes me feel very lucky to own it though and a bit nervy about making sure I do it justice!

Tallulah Belle said...

Well it will be a mens toilet and aren't they always gross...gotta keep up the realism lol.

Suing lol...you know what I meant :-) Bummer that they aren't making them anymore - it is the first kit I've really feel in love with :-(

Ha ha my verification word was dunce...suits me huh !