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I had a boring day today doing housework and shopping so when it was all done, I thought I would re-aquaint myself with my dollshouse contents, and try to inspire myself into working out what to do next. Some things I hid away as they were fragile or expensive or was scared of breaking before the house was finished! other things I have just shoved into the house and forgotten about, but I have also found some real bargains along my travels and so thought I'd show you some wonderful bargains that I found in the local £1 shop, this pumpkin may be an ornament but it looks just right in Hagathas skool-house :o) it will probably live under the stairs with the trainee witches cloaks and brooms.

I also bought this Boyds Bear gumball machine ornament, I think it may be a little big for 12th scale, but not by much so I think I will get away with it in the toyshop as a gobstopper machine?

I had a good rummage to find all the things I had bought and put away for the toyshop, and was suprised at what I had stashed away, I had totally forgotten this lovely set of Snow white & the seven dwarves! I have no idea who made it, I think I got it from a dollhouse show in Plymouth? but I do remember it wasnt very expensive, I think the whole set was only about £7?

and finally, a few days ago I mentioned to Nikki of Witch and wizard Miniatures, that I also had a chimnea, on my witches roof terrace, it's not as unique as her wonderful creations though .... mine is a recycled Avon Incense cone burner!! I used to think it looked the part, but now I think it looks funny and I want one of Nikki's ones LOL she has just finished hers and they look fantastic!

(it's looking a bit like steptoe's yard on the roof at the moment .... one day it WILL be finished!)
I'd love to put a picture link to Nikki's work but don't know how!! pop over to her blog at www.nikkinikkinikki72.blogspot.com and have a peep for yourself


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Oooh Wendie you have to do more on the house , its going to be magical. Love that pumpkin on wheels, how cute is that! And the gumball machine will be perfect!
That chiminea could still look great, maybe you could 'rust' it up abit, its got some lovely detailing, and you could even add a whirly flume part with fimo and bake it to add more witchyness to it ?
Of course my fav are those fabulous Snow White figures, they are pretty amazing, so so tiny.
Have fun, can feel you are getting in the mood and motivated!! Kate xxx

Debbie said...

Wendie I bet there's loads of Tiny Treasures tucked away in your house. Get going on the School again it will be a scream...LOL
I'm determined to get the garage sorted this year. Well said that last year as well and get my mini making back on track.

Peach Blossom Hill said...

So glad you found me! And I'm wondering why I hadn't followed your blog or had you on my old blog list before?!

Isn't it fun to play with our mini toys? Barring some unforeseen circumstance (those seem to pop up randomly with us) we are going to the Tom Bishop show in Atlanta Saturday after next. My budget is quite meager on my part-time salary but I'm hoping to return with some treasures myself!

Thanks for finding me and I hope you'll add me to your blog list.


Michelle's Mad World said...

Hi Wendie,

I can't believe I have missed your blog, where have you been hiding! ;o) You are almost a neighbour in terms of location! lol You have some truly fabulous mini's which deserve to be shown and worked with! I love the toys, especially the gobstopper dispenser and the Snow White etc. I absolutely adore and have been swooning over 'Hagathas Skool of Majick & Witchery' that you have made….I only wish I owned it! I also adore Santa’s Toyshop…spectacular! I wish Dolls House Builder still made the kits! :o((

I know you mentioned Glenowen who made the windows on your Hagathas Skool, so sadly they ceased trading last year, which is a terrible shame as they made wonderful items.

I can be a bit slow to make things myself, but blogland constantly inspires me and spurs me on….so I should have Hogwarts finished in no time at all! Lol lol :oP

Michelle :o)