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Ta Da !!!! (well, almost)

I had been wanting to post a pic of my finished roof on Thursday, but ran out of clay with just 2 rows left to complete!!!!.... Grrrrr! luckily I found some online and it arrived today so that I could finish what I'd been itching to get done for months!! :o) & I have to say I was very impressed at the speed of delivery as I only ordered it on Thursday evening !! and it was free posting too, which was even better! so if anyone needs paperclay @ a good price with a quick service, I would recommend using 'the altered element' as a UK supplier.

You can see the tiles I added today as they are slightly darker where they havnt dried yet. I was suprised at how much shrinkage you get with paperclay though, and have bigger gaps than I had wanted between the tiles , but heyho.... hoping the paint will fill some gaps .... or moss.... it may be a very mossy roof, hee hee! This was my first attempt at roof tiling so even though it's far from perfect, it went better than I thought, hopefully the paint and moss will help ...... or a small miracle?
Altered Element have a blog but I can't work out how to follow it ??? maybe just me having one of my blonde/senior moments? LOL, but there was an interesting job opportunity I noticed on their blog that may appeal to some of you who are mixed media/textile/altered art/jewellery artists (UK only though I'm afraid). Not a 'proper' job as such, but sounds an interesting way of getting 'out there'. Benefits and renumeration are listed on the page here http://www.alteredelement.blogspot.com/ and no, I'm not on commission! LOL

I'm off to lay a floor on the roof terrace now, so the trainee witches can have their flying lessons. If I dont get started on it quickly, it may have to wait a while, as I helped out at my daughters school disco on Thursday evening, and I think one of the younguns may have offloaded some of their germs onto me as I have been quite snuffly & heavy headed all day, fingers crossed it doesnt linger long as I seem to have had a relatively pain-free few days and it would be such a shame to waste it by having a cold!


MiniKat said...

The roof tiles are looking good! :-)

Debbie said...

Love that web site Wendie just been over there for a peek. Lots of stuff for lots of crafts.
Your roof is looking good, bet your glad you've finished it. xxx

Jean Day said...

Fabulous roof, enjoying seeing your progress, so wonderful!

Kathi said...

Your roof looks great! I've never tried paper clay... Thanks for the link to the website.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

The roof tiles are looking great... love the colour.
Thank you for sharing the site. They also have some other stuff i buy and now have just the one place to get everything from. So quite pleased.
Nikki xxx