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Hello :o)
I havn't been very productive this week, aches and pains.... I wont bore you with it all! anyway, I did do some work on the Skool of Majick in between my off colour moments and put a dirty wash over the roof to tone the grey down, and I mossed the brickwork to 'age' it all a bit. The flash makes the green stuff look a bit bright but its really not that loud.

does anyone know how to resize the pics to stop them being so huooooge when you click on them?

Next on the 'to do' list is to fit the rooftop section of the chimney, then to work out how to fit a door into the odd shaped doorway and then the roof terrace will be all done! happy days :o)

I also managed to work out how to add a signature to my blog (call me mrs technowhizz LOL) using instructions I found at the cutest blog on the block (click the name and it will take you there) I was amazed that it worked and may even try to design my own blog background and header! .... but!! its got to go on the 'to do' list cos otherwise I wont get done what needs to be done and finishing stuff has got to come first!


Michelle's Mad World said...

I love the moss work you have done, most effective and it looks great in the nooks and cranies. Fabulous. I know what you mean with the 'flash' and how it changes colours completely (methinks!).

I do hope you are feeling a little better. Miss you when you're not around. :o))

Michelle xxx

Debbie said...

Glad to hear your feeling a bit better Wendie. I like it when the photo's pop up big cause you can then see all the details.(Think I need my Eyes testing!) Your stonework looks amazing and I love what you've done with the Moss. xxxx

Julie Kendall said...

Debbies right about all the details...love the stone work and its even better close up:O)

Bear cabin miniatures said...

It's looking great Wendy, I love your moss and stone detail. I make my photos smaller by right clicking on the photo in 'my pictures' going to 'Edit', then 'resize'.
Thanks for the tip on how to add a signature to the blog, I have been wondering how to do that so I will be using your link :0)
Julia xx

julie campbell said...

Its looking good wendy, I've been mossing too but yours looks nicer than mine LOL back to the drawing board for me !
Love the way the stone looks too ,
julie :0)

Michelle's Mad World said...

I personally prefer larger photo's (when you click on them). It enables the viewer to have a'good' look, otherwise you get to see very little of the detail etc., which by and large what it's all about in my humble opinion. :o(

Keep up the excellent work! :o)
Michelle xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Thankyou for all your lovely comments, they've made my day :o)
Debbie/JulieK/Michelle - message received loud and clear, will leave the image sizes as is! nosey urchins LOL
Julia - thanx for the tip, and am glad to have been helpful in return :o)
Julie C - am sure you have made a fantastic job on yours too, everything you do is fantastic!!

Jean Day said...

Your moss and aging look fabulous, such a richness. Thank you so much for the information about the signature,I've been wanting to try that. Finally made my own background to go with my old header with Cutest Blog tutorial but it did take me a long time, too wide, too long etc etc, LOL. Seems all these things are never easy!! Your signature looks great!