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Pancakes and Progress

I hope you all remembered it's shrove Tuesday today.... or just plain old Pancake day as its known in our house! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm How do you eat yours?
My daughter made fairy cakes this afternoon too so we had quite a piggie tea today :o)
I did do some work too........
The trainees at the Skool of Majick got one step closer to getting their flying lessons today when I painted the the roof terrace paperclay floor that I added the other day.
First I painted the whole floor with a dark grey emulsion, making sure the cracks between the stones were all covered,

I then rubbed most of the paint off with a damp sponge

which as you can see still leaves the darker paint in all the dents and dips

I then applied a couple of acrylic washes of brown/grey watered down about 50/50 paint/water until I was happy with the result.

tomorrow when its good and dry, I shall seal it with a clear matt varnish. It still needs moss in the corners and up the walls etc, this I will do when the varnish has dried and add the outside loo and other bits n bobs .... oh and the last bit of chimney!
The roof tiles had their first coat of paint too, so need ageing too as theyre not staying that colour. Slowly, slowly it's all coming together :o)


Tabitha Corsica said...

Your stonework is coming along really nicely. I particularly like the way your have used the Paperclay for the roof tiles. This is going to be spectacular!

MiniKat said...

The stones look great!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Wished you lived near me Wendie, Id have you paperclaying and painting for me, Its not my best thing! Your painting effects look great, well done for getting so much done. Your pancakes look yummy too. I was stuffed yesterday, going out for lunch then having pancakes and birthday cake in the evening, but it was goooooooood!!!!! Kate xx

Michelle's Mad World said...

Your flagstones look great and very realistic colour. I would have painted them like you have done, great way to get the mortar the right colour from the stones and the stones have a patchy look. I was going to make my own flagstones for Hogwarts...only I was going to make individual flagstones. It put me off as there are sooo many to be made...I didn't think to do it like you have done! Do’h lol Can't wait to see the moss work. ;o)

I had pancakes too...wheat, diary and egg free...it can be done (it has to, as I can't eat the latter! lol) and oddly enough they don't taste a lot different from the original! ;o)

Michelle xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Glad you all like the stones, its always a worry that what I see is what others see too ... if you know what I mean LOL
Kate - yes, it is a shame you are so far as my time is easily bought with Jaffa cakes LOL glad you enjoyed your birthday x
Michelle - I think next pancake day you will have to put up the recipe for your non everything pancakes! I'm sure there would be peeps willing to try them.

Bear cabin miniatures said...

Your flagstones are looking great
and it's all coming along wonderfully:0) We didn't have pancakes last night, as Hubby wasn't well, so we are having them for tea today instead!
Julia xx

Debbie said...

Wendie the floor looks great, its really coming along great guns now.
Didn't have Pancakes was stuck up the Hospital all night. But might have them at the weekend if I can lift the pan high enough for the toss..LOL
I see in your comments that you like Jaffa Cakes. You'd have to fight my Harry for them in this house. He adores them, none of us get a look in.

Halloween Spirit said...

Hi Wendy!
I love your blog! I have decided to give each of you that signed up a banner! email me at dootsyct@hotmail.com.

Peach Blossom Hill said...

This is looking so good! I cannot get my Paperclay attempts to look quite this professional! I need to move in with you for a week and learn!


Halloween Spirit said...

I have your banner, but I need your email addy. Please email me at dootsyct@hotmail.com.

WendiesMiniWorld said...

already?? .... you work quick Cindy!! just sending it now :o)