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The roof from hell is on!!!

At long, long last the Skool of Majick's roofing problems appear to be over and I can heave a big sigh of relief! (as long as nothing else goes wrong!!!) Firstly, I had miscalculated my original design and cut the side panels a fraction too short so that when I tried to fit the original roof, it wouldnt open (..... oops!) Maths and angles were never really my strong point, I just figured I'd measure the gap, cut the wood, add the hinge, job done ...... but Oh NO!, it's never that easy is it?! , I had to add an extension to the side panels and blend it in with the original brickwork and then 'just' re-fit the roof .... 'just'.... its a small word that whenever mentioned always seem to involve many unhidden steps along the way.... well, hubbs had to come to my rescue after much huffing and cussing about cross threaded screws and hinges not closing, took the offending roof into his shed and was gone a fair while, but came back having performing some sort of majick and I now have a roof that A, fits and B, opens! :o) actually I've just noticed there is still a little bit of barge board trim I have to add to the gable end .... see, it never ends does it? LOL

next is the tiling with paperclay, I've not tried this before, so may be gone a while ........


Tabitha Corsica said...

Looks like a perfect "fix" to me. Do you hire him out? I have a few things around here that need attention...LOL

You did a nice job of blending the existing stonework with the new.


Michelle's Mad World said...

I think it's a FAB fit...you never know what can work out till you try....again! ;o)) It's coming together quite quickly now. ;o)Well done hubby!

You have inspired me to change the front of my Hogwarts kit. I think it can be changed (it's not together yet!) I have seen fancy Gothic shaped windows (in 2 different sizes) and a large front door. Just a case of making new fronts and cutting out the MDF for the windows and door!
Michelle xx

MiniKat said...

Looking good!

Debbie said...

Wendie the roof looks great can't wait to see how you finish it. xx

Michelle's Mad World said...

Scratch the above idea Wendie! lol lol The windows are just tooooo big! lol It's staying as it is! lol Will enjoy YOUR castle instead! ;o))

Michelle xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

glad you all like the look of it so far.
LOL @ Michelle, you said the word 'just' didnt you !!!

Debie Lyons said...

Wendiekins I am so proud of you. You have done such a good job. Lorra lorra luvvies.
Debiekins xxxxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

LOL Wendie!! LOL That's just SO funny, how did you guess! It must have been SO obvious! lol ;o))

I have seen some smaller Gothic windows since that comment...but my kit is Tudor and the shape of etc....it would be mean changing too much! Drat and double drat! ;oP

Michelle xxx