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Books, books, more books and an award

I made a start on the gazillion books I shall need for the skoolroom shelves and made 58 of the blighters over the weekend. Not all in one go though, I think I probably spent about 6 hrs altogether cutting, gluing, painting etc but Im pleased with them but its not as big a pile as Id have liked, but its a start .... I might have to schedule in a set day for book making as its gonna take me a long time to fill those shelves!

I also got a nice suprise, not just 1 but Wow, 2 awards in one week! I am still in a state of shock that anyone finds my ramblings that interesting, let alone likes it enough to award me for it.... but then we all say that, dont we! LOL I've been awarded the Kreative Blogger Award by Michelle at Michelles Mad World, who I only discovered recently but love visiting her blog to read what progress she's making on her Hogwarts mini project.

There are 7 rules and they are:

1. Thank the person that gave it to you
2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog
3. Link to the person who nominated you
4. Name 7 things about yourself that nobody knows
5. Nominate 7 kreativ bloggers
6. Post link to the 7 blogs that you nominate
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know that you nominate them.

Ok in no particular order, here's my 7......

1. I dont 'do' Horror Films, I only like happy films, I dont like my head being messed with by scary or disturbing stuff! Scary images are fine, moving scary images are a no-no! and even though I love to watch lightening, I will never answer the door during a storm in case there are frazzled peeps hit by lightening who need my help. Maybe cos Im useless in a crisis who knows? oh & werewolves .... cant watch them at all, they freak me out .... shudder. I suppose thats kind of odd for some-one who loves Halloween as much as me! LOL
2. I was thrown head first from a horse into the sea and dragged through the water, never been so scared in my life, before or since .... they are beautiful creatures but I doubt if I'd get on another horse ever!
3. I have a real sweet tooth & would be quite happy to live on a diet of fruit and puddings. Luckily I have the sense to have things in moderation and dont have problems with my diabetes.
4. When I was about 7, for some idea I decided that I must have been adopted as my mum ran a small childrens home and there were no baby photos of me for about 6 months. This was because there was lots of kids with whooping cough so I was quarantined away from everyone as I was only a few months old. Anyway.... I was convinced I must have really been a princess and wrote to the Queen to ask her to come and collect me and take me 'home'...... she never wrote back.... that was the end of that idea! I was a total tomboy after that.
5. When younger, I only ever wanted to want to be a lorry driver (apart from the brief spell of believing I was a proper princess) and the main reason becoming diabetic at 16 upset me so much was cos it meant I would never be able to get a lorry license. I never really new what I wanted to do after that.
6. I have fibromyalgia/M.E. which leaves me absolutely shattered most of the time and often in a lot of pain, but I'm a cup half full sort of person so it only really gets to me when I havn't slept for a few days, at my worst I was sleeping about 18 hrs in any 24! luckily I have found ways to manage it now and normally have a fairly average sleep pattern and am almost back to 'normal' (is there such a thing as normal? LOL)
7. A gift from the grave? my Dad passed away shortly after I met my (now) husband, unfortunately they never met. Hubbs had been told by docs previously that he couldnt have children so was more than happy to step into the dad shoes and care for my son from a previous relationship. After we had been together a couple of years, I began to get very upset about the fact that he'd never met my Dad and slightly obsessed wodering if he would have approved of him or not. I got my answer about a month later when I discovered I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter and to this day I'm convinced that was my Dads gift from the grave to say all was well and my hubbs was a keeper. Thank you Dad, you'd have loved her too x

I'd like to pass this award to lots of peeps but most of them have received the award already :o( will try to give it to some that havn't had it already, some though just have to get it twice LOL cos they really are kreative in their blogging!
Nikki of witch & wizard miniatures & Debbie of Tiny Treasures - these two peeps have become really good friends and seem to be the centre of the Miniature world Blog Universe! LOL
5 more ......
Dawn creator of OddFae & Lorell of Notes from the Fae side just cos I love their work!
Casey's Minis her writing of Tessies antics is so uplifting and amusing :o)
Tabitha Corsica who has a great blog full thats always interesting.
GrimDeva @ What's Bubbling At Cauldron Craft Miniatures? who writes about some great 'Dark' stuff
Ruth of a faerietale of inspiration who always posts such lovely things to look at and think 'oooh I want one!'

edit... oops, I'm no good at Maths!!! LOL theres another thing about me to equal the fact that I gave out 8 awards!



So glad you stopped by... I'm Grimdeva said...

Thank you so much for the award! And it is a fun excersize to try and think up facts about oneself... hmmm what will I say. You blog is great and I am now a follower!

Later, Grimdeva

Debie Lyons said...

Congrats on your award Wendiekins. Those books look fab.
Debie xxxxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I must be the only person I know who doesn't have a sweet tooth then! lol Although I do like a number of deserts, though I‘m still a savoury person at heart! :o)

A lorry driver? Oh my, that is so different! ;o) What a shame you couldn't become one though!

I wondered whether you suffered from ME, a truly nasty thing. :o( I'm glad though that you can and do have some control of its effects. I'm thrilled that you continued to blog, despite all of the above. Your blog is one of my favourite's and such an inspiration for me to try harder, you're also my nearest blogger! :o)

Your story about your Dad etc is lovely and one to be cherished. :o))

I LOVE your books, how did you do the titles on the front? They look so real etc. I need to make tons more too.

Michelle xxx

Debbie said...

Thanks for the award Wendie. I don't know about centre of the miniature blog world, but someone did call me the Mummy of blog land..LOL It's a wonderful community in blogland and I've made some wonderful friends you included..Now get back to doing the Magic school, I'm cracking the cane. xxxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Grimdeva - Welcome to my blog
Debiekins - thanx, youve been creatively quiet for a bit, whats new with you?
Michelle - glad some-one read it all, took me hours to think it all up and write it all down LOL
the titles are mainly just a bit of gold acrylic wiggled on with a fine brush, a few have stickers on that I found in a cardmaking shop, others I wrote really tiny onto with a biro.... I dont do complicated. Am also touched that I inspire you :o)
Debbie - ouch, that cane of yours hurts! there was me thinking you were so nice.... LOL I shall put one in my classroom to remind me of your comment ;o)

Tallulah Belle said...

What interesting facts ....funny you shouldn't like those horror things as you like Halloween stuff :-)

I wanted to be a lorry driver too...did you used to watch BJ and the bear lol

Lovely gift from your Dad (((())))

Your books are great...well worth the work.

ruthie said...

Dear Wendie, thank you so much for the award, please dont be offended if i dont pass it on, we shall treasure it still. So glad you like the faerietale blog x i loved the story of you writing to the queen, so sweet. You are still a wee princess in our eyes x x x

Erica said...

Hello Wendie, what a delight to find another Discworld fan, I've been making books too, for my Unseen University library, I'd love you to visit my blog for a look at it
I've added you to my RSS feeder and also to the list of miniaturists on my blog, so I'm about to become your regular reader VBG