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chimneys and roofing problems!

Yesterday I had a poorly day but by the evening I 'woke' up a bit and got the paperclay out, & thankfully today is a good day too :o) A while ago, I made chimneys for Hagathas Skool of majick from offcuts of MDF but only got around to paperclaying one of them, so last night I fixed that! I also realised that I had forgotten to stipple the clay with a brush for texture on the earlier chimney, so although they have similar colourings the textures are different......
am trying to decide if I can live with this error or add it back onto my neverending 'to do' list!

The larger one is going in the kitchen/spellroom and the smaller (smoother) one is the lounge fireplace. I made a fireback for the kitchen fireplace this morning, but it's not dry enough to paint yet, I shall do that this evening hopefully and then I can sooty them up and fit them tomorrow :o)

My hubby suprised me this morning by offering to finally solve the roofing problems I'd been having due to my huooooge measuring error when I planned the house, which is why it has been roofless for so long as when I originally tried fitting the roof, it wouldn't open because the doors were in the way!!! this has caused much sulking and frustration on my part! anyway, hubbs had an idea & solved this ongoing problem today with the majick of 'no nails' glue! he glued a strip around the edge which should give me the clearance to be able to open it and actually access the roof room :o) The wood will be covered up with more brickwork/clay so it wont be seen.

Apparently it needs a good 24 hrs to set firm so I doubt anything new will happen now until Sunday, as Im booked up for tomorrow already (I am really trying hard not to overload myself anymore), but fingers crossed the glue will work and I can get the roof on next week :o)
I'll keep you all posted on any progress.


Michelle's Mad World said...

These look great,especially the colours. You can see the difference in texture laying down, not sure you would once the are upright! Did you buy the paperclay in the UK, as I can't find any suppliers. Instead I'm going to use a papier mache that has clay in it....leave it for a couple of weeks (in a sealed bag) to break down the fibres so that it's very similar to paperclay. I am using it on Hogwarts interior and exterior. I am in the midst of making my inglenook fireplace for the kitchen...mine is having part very aged brick slips and paperclay. I know I must remember to stipple it before it's dried! ;o)
Michelle xx

MiniKat said...

I like the idea of putting the rougher chimney in the spellroom. One never knows what will happen to a nice chimney once potions are mixed incorrectly. ;-)

I had to something similar to the roof area of my 1:12 scale 2-car garage. The out side will be covered by the roof, but on the inside I covered the wood with paperclay and painted it pink to look like exposed insulation.

Tallulah Belle said...

Looking great Wendie.

As for the stippling...I don't think it will be too obvious but if you are anything like me it will annoy you because you know it is there lol.

What about spraying the unstippled part with water to soften the top then stippling it.

I had to do a roof fix like that on my florist shop.

Debie Lyons said...

I am so bloomin chuffed to bits to see you working on your house Wendiekins. I have plans to visit you sometime this year and hopefully I will get to see it in the flesh. Its looking great and mini making is all about problem solving. It doesnt matter about differnt textures because I would see a house like that having much quirkyness and if everything was the same it would be boring.

You take care now. Lufs ya oooooooodles


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I was going to ask that Wendie, dont know much about paperclay but if you redampenned it could you then restipple? Looks fab I love the colouring too , did you spomge on the colours? Im usuelss with paperclay, did you make a wood base shape then apply it rolled out and make the design in it? I really want to have a go with paperclay but just dont seem to have joy rolling it out etc. Im so pleased youve decided to move on with the project, its going to be great! Hugs to you for your bad days !Kate xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Michelle - yep, I bought it in the UK, I got lucky and spotted some on ebay, it doesnt come up very often though unfortunately, so am very interested to see how your homemade concoction works out!
Katkins - piccies, piccies! is your garage on your blog anywhere?
Tallulah - I think I probably could wet it again, and stipple it, it'd just need repainting again (and I dont know if I can be arsed!! LOL) think I will leave it as it is and see how much it annoys me first!
Debiekins - :o) whenever you want to visit, my door will be open! the spare room is the craft room too so if you wanted to get up at 3am and sculpt, youd disturb no-one!
Kate - The basic wood frame I did last May, if you look back on the blog. I struggled too with rolling paperclay, but found that rolling it between sheets of clingfilm, it doesnt stick. the paint is watered down acrylics and washed it on with a brush, I picked out random stones in 4 different colours grey, brown, grey brown 50/50,and the grey/brown mix with a bit of black in it. The wash was the darker colour watered down a bit more and all over.

MiniKat said...

No piccies of the garage until after moving. Then I will be able to get to it. ;-)