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Life grinds to a halt once more

This is NOT one of those 'please give me sympathy' posts ..... I dont want any, but I felt it fair to tell friends and followers, that I won't be posting for a while. I shall continue to follow other blogs when I can, but am taking a break and readjusting for a while.
Over the last few years I have endured so much pain and discomfort from one ailment or another and have tried to put a brave face on for the public, but I just can't do it anymore! I thought after the last hospitalization that I was due some pain free time for a while, but no, my body thinks otherwise and has hatched another breakdown plan! I so want to spend my life making miniatures and creating in my workroom, but its a dream thats just not happening. The lights are on but no-one seems to be at home!!! The drugs that the docs have given me for the latest ailment have left me feeling like a total zombie and I just can't focus on much at all at the moment. So, I'm now gonna stop conning myself that I will be creating a masterpiece for everyone to see for the next time you see me post cos its just not gonna happen. I have unfinished stuff, lots of unfinished stuff, inspiration isnt my problem, it makes me sad knowing I dont have the oomph to finish it all and this doesnt help me. I'm just going to try and concentrate on getting better and not keep putting pressure on myself to be something I don't have the energy to be. If I finish one doll in a year, then I will be happy :o) so this wannabe doll maker is just going to enjoy watching life for a while and Granny Weatherwax is just gonna have to stay as she is and cuss me all she wants!!


Anonymous said...

Oh...my first visit here...and you seem so sad!

I don't know what to say...other than...you aren't alone...you should see my GIANT stash of unfinished stuff...it's so huge...yet I manage to ignore it really well!
(Even if they do scream at me to get them done...I just laugh and walk by)

Lovely to meet my new follower...even if it isn't the best time for you!

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Aww thanx Celia, I'm normally a cup half full type of person but the cup's had a few too many knocks just lately, and it sorta runneth'd over! Im not all doom 'n' gloom honest! I think I've been cursed by one too many an unfinished witch perhaps?....