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I did 'normal' again!

Oh I think I must be feeling ill, I did 'normal' again today!! I go to a dolls house club the first Wednesday of the month and today was a club day. They are a very 'normal' bunch of retirement aged ladies and although I dont really fit in as such ( because I'm nowhere near or dont think I've ever really been 'normal'), it is good to get out and meet likeminded miniture addicts in person and try out new things. Julie from Julie's miniatures come along and did a workshop on how to make miniature roses, and make a trellis or a tree with them. I was really pleased how mine turned out as its the first attempt at the flower thing for me, unless you count the plant with teeth that I made a while ago......?

I am going to do some more soon as the next club project is a scene from a book in a book, and so I am now thinking of doing the painting the roses red bit from Alice in wonderland with the card people painting the flowers with paint sploshing everywhere... you know the scene yeh?
anyway I drifted away for the day from my discworld commission and so I have a naked Igor sat on my bench with his whip waiting to be flogged (I would say poor thing but I have a suspicion he likes it!), he is supposed to be the De Magpyr Igor but I forgot his extra thumb! so my hearts not in it to finish him and its too damned hot here to start sculpting another when it was due for completion like yesterday!!!!!!! oh well best I go bake him an extra thumb & get him some clothes on.................................


Ara said...

The flowers look great! Don't worry.. I don't consider myself very normal either... I feel like abnormal is a good quality :) I have another miniaturist friend that did a scene in a book from Alice in Wonderland! -ara

Debie Lyons said...

Wendiekins they are great and pffffffffft at normal LOL. I also see a black rose bush with a big black taffeta bow on the pot. And shhhhhh 'normal' is a banned word doncha know LMAO.
(((((((((((( hugs ))))))))))))))
Debie xxx

Julie Kendall said...

Love the rose bush....really looks the part.
I think normals ok as long as you can give it a good ole twist with bizzare.....:O)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Its beautiful, are they clay or paper made, I have never attempted a flower, was it easy? Im sure you will end up 'spookying ' another one up! th Alice project sounds fun, look forward to seeing that.Kate xx

Debbie said...

Great Rose Bush Wendie.. Normal? I don't think any of us would call ourselves normal..LOL