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My oh My - the time does fly!

OK so who stole a fortnight from me? The saying is supposed to be something like time flies when your having fun - isnt it? but I havent been having fun at all, so am pondering how come its now 2 weeks since I last posted anything? hmmmmm......... oh well I'm here now so you can call off the search party !! I'd soooo love to say I have been busy creating wonderful stuff since I last posted, but alas tis not the case. Real life sort of engulfed me. I had a scan which confirmed that yep I have gallstones but my doc in her infinite wisdom (?) has decided not to opt for surgery but keep me on the low fat/no fat diet as it was keeping the pains at bay..... so I now have what seems like an eternity of boring food!! but I am noticing a bit of a smaller waistine already so not entirely a bad option, but am watching how it goes for now. To be honest I really dont have the time for surgery at the moment anyway !!

The main consumption of my time during the last week, has been watching my house being ripped apart and upgraded as a total rewire was well overdue judging by the burnt out wires that Ive seen pulled out this week. I think I must have had a guardian angel stopping my house from burning down on many occasions in the past!!! anyway.... most of the work is now done and we can now begin the long task of totally redecorating every room in the house...... this may take some time. The last week has been a bit like living in a removal van as we seem to have the contents of our house compacted into just a couple of rooms and have been camping out in our conservatory which during the recent torrential rain & thunder storms was more than a little noisy, but we had a great view!
Because of the way all our 'stuff' was stored , it makes sense to put my studio back together first :o) (clever planning on my part ? my hubbs thinks so!) which will be brilliant for me as I will be able to fit in a bit of mini-ing around the redecorating hopefully. I am going to paint the walls an apple white so that it looks bright and fresh against the huge flowers in the curtains & bedding I already have for that room. It will be good to finally get a bit of colour around the house as we have lived with a totally magnolia house while waiting to save up for the wiring to be done (apart from Ali's room who insisted she wasnt moving in 3 years ago unless her bedroom was pink!)
Right .... I've rambled on for long enough, I'm off to do something with a paint roller - I may be gone sometime!!!!


Debie Lyons said...

Ahhh Wendiekins, when you have painted your house come up to Brum and do a bit of ours LOL.
Well you seem chipper and at least you get your mini making area sorted out. Real Life is a pain in the proverbial.
(((((((( hugs )))))))

Debiekins xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tallulah~Belle said...

Sounds like a big job (((())))

Glad you are feeling a little better...the diet might be boring but much better than surgery.