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10 followers already!

I was quite suprised to find my followers into double digits today! especially as a newbie that hasn't said much....yet! so to all those who have decided to follow my ramblings, I thank you - I will try to be more interesting soon I promise.
I finished my Rainbow witch today, and a few other bits but the light is really crappy so will take pics in the morning for you all to see. I'm not the best photographer so will probably take a few dozen snaps before getting 1 that looks half decent. I just hope I don't wake up , take one look at her and think.. nah , dress is all wrong and strip it down and redo it again! does anyone else redress their dolls a few times before it looks 'right' ?
I'm off for a wander around blogland for some bedtime reading now, catch you all on the morrow xx


Debbie said...

Looking forward to seeing your Witch Wendie..

MiniKat said...

Can't wait to see pictures! I'm sure she'll be fab!

Tallulah~Belle said...

Now you have 12 :-)

Can't wait to have a read though your blog