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Weekend Ramblings

OOh I've been a bad blogger! Ignore the above date I did start a post on Friday but now its Tuesday!! I have taken a few days off form blogging to spend a bit of time with the poor neglected family over the bank holiday weekend and instead neglected you all, sorry :o( I had one of those busy doing not-a-lot weekends full of grass cutting, weeding, planting & we finally fitted a gate to the side of our 'new' conservatory (last summer!) we had sort of got used to sliding a fence panel back and forward so we feel quite posh now with a proper gate! LOL
We also had a wonderful day with friends yesterday, BBQ and chatting with a drink or 3 - well it was on 3 when I lost count anyway! We had taken Spike our noisy rooster to go and live with them as they have much more tolerant neighbours than we do and he seemed to like it there. In fact he had a queue of girlie chooks lining up to check him out so I think when he's settled in he is going to be more than happy there! its VERY quiet here now though.
I did do a bit more mini furniture painting/crackling on Friday so Hagatha & Grumpbolds room is looking nearly done all bar the laying of the parquet floor that is really annoying me as it wont go right.... have to rethink the flooring I think and just give them floorboards and a rug. Oh and I have to fit their ceiling light too before I fix the floorboards in the room above, in fact there is such a long 'to-do' list still that I wonder if my Skool of Majick will ever be finished!

It is so nice when blogger buddies think of me when they give awards out, always makes me get that slushy, warm fuzzy feeling :o) This time its from my friend Debie at Piskies and Poppets and is very much appreciated. I also recently got tagged by Debbie of Tiny Treasures and need to pass that award on too, but am going to wimp out and not single any specific person out for the award to be passed on to cos everyone of my 'followers' and friends are as deserving as the next and I would hate for anyone to feel left out! so if you want to receive either, take it, its yours with love.

and finally, for Kat the Hat , the pic of my son's goth quilt using some of that Alexander Henry fabric I covet so much!


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Looking good Wendie, cant wait to see what littel ghoul goes in that swinging crib in the bedroom!!!! Lovely bed, would love to see pics of the other rooms, and the house as a whole. Kate xx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Kate - its going to have to be a baby with fangs I think! or a dragon? I havnt decide yet. I will post pics of the other rooms as and when progress occurs - its all a bit embarrassingly unfinished and unspooky at the moment though!

Debie Lyons said...

Wendiekins, you dark horse you, that house is looking great. I love that furniture. Its good to hear you have had a great weekend and some good family time. Cant wait to see more of that house :O)

Debiekins xxxxxxx

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Love the quilt! I am so jealous I would love one tee hee! House is looking great. You are also not a bad blogger its amazing we all find the time to add our lives on our blog pages with having to run the world like us ladies all have to do! Power to us miniature ladies!

MiniKat said...

What a cool house! It's spookily brilliant! :-)

The quilt is gorgeous.

And you aren't a bad blogger... you took some time to gather fodder to write about. ;-)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Lol at everyones comments, especially Kats.
Love your school of magic. We ned to see more pics.
The quilt is briliant and love the fabric.
Nikki x

Tallulah~Belle said...

It looks fab...I love it.

And a drink or 6 with friends is definitely worth missing blogging for ;-)