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Rainbow Witch

Afternoon all
well she's finally finished - I am so slow! I am just waiting for the commissionee to approve the pics or its back to the workbench for another try, which Im secretly hoping for as I'd quite like to keep this one as she's grown on me. Her dress is made from really fine silk, I actually cut up a favourite sarong I had as it was just the right colour! now that my waistline has expanded somewhat and the sarong is now considerably shorter methinks it wil now live in my fabric stash and I will forget which will send me mad looking for it when I next go off on holiday!

I'm having a nice lazy day today, hubbs is out golfing and daughter is 'tidying' her room (yeh right! LOL) so I'm going to play in my workroom for a bit, might actually do some work on my Skool of Majick & Witchery as it has been neglected a bit lately. It desperately needs a roof going on as the dust thats settling in it is now looking a bit more than the required for spooky!


Jodi said...

Wendie she is absolutely wonderful!! Makes me smile and happy feeling with all of her colorful frocks and charming attitude...
Job well done...your collector will adore her


WendiesMiniWorld said...

Thanx Jodi, maybe thats why she appeals to me, she is so very colourful! apparently she is to go and live in a spooky sweetshop.

Julie Kendall said...

Wendi she has the most fantastic face......and the bags so cool:O) The fabric for the dress is just right....its as if it was waiting for her:O)

Debie Lyons said...

WTG Wendiekins, shes wonderful. Her face is great and I love that bag. Keep them coming you must be on a roll now LOL

Debie xxx

Debbie said...

I Love her Wendie. Love all the little details like the necklace and the little wart on her chin.

MiniKat said...

I think she's awesome! :-)

Her dress is wonderful... all of the details are great!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I love your rainbow witch and all her bright vivid colours. She's wonderful. The mushroom pendant is fab and the bag is brilliant too!
I also like the fact somebody has asked for a witch that doesnt wear black. I always see witches in brown, orange, green, and creams and sometimes purple. All the earthy colours i love best.
But, yesterday i bought some red extra thin pvc and thinking of making a goth style witch with a pvc skirt in a ra - ra style.
I think thats a bit of a bad spelling but i love ra-ra skirts. Perhaps they even have a different name but thats what i've always called them.
Hope you get to keep her but also hope you get to sell her.
Nikki x

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Ahh, you are all so nice! (blush, blush) thanx for the lovely comments :o)
Nikki - goth/fetish witch! ooh imagination overdrive - looking forward to seeing that one!