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My New Minis

OK, so they are not the sort of miniature minis you were expecting ...... but they ARE miniature chickens! LOL they are different breeds and ages but all sooooo cute, I think I must get spring fever as its the usual time for me to want some little chicky-chooks about the place, what with having to rehome my Rooster and with Layla being so poorly it did seem the right time to get some more. Hubbs has now said 8 is MORE than enough so methinks this really is my lot this time, I only started with 3 then he said 'no more' at 6 so 8 is pushing my luck a little bit :o) anyway these are our new additions -

this is the smallest at 6weeks , a lavender frizzle we've called Miss Dusty Ruffs, she looks quite a scraggy thing at the moment but they are so pretty when fully feathered up.

next is a 10wk old white pekin my daughter says is her favourite and she is called Sugar

and this young lady is the biggest at 12 weeks, she is a Silver Partridge pekin & I've called her Sylvia Parsnip cos it sort of sounded right!
They are all a bit too small to go in with the other hens just yet so will have to have lots of cuddles in our nursery pen instead. After the cuddles are done in the morning we are going to the Bath & West show for a day out which should be fun, so we'll be having another farmer-ish day tomorrow too, we were glad we didnt go there today as it was apparently very wet, a dry day is forecast tomorrow so win, win for us :o) then I REALLY , REALLY need to get cracking with my outstanding commission stuff, last minute panic.com strikes again!!!

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Debie Lyons said...

Yes Miss you should be doing your comms, I am the voice on your shoulder who wispers in your ear LOL They are beautiful I love the names especially Miss Dusty Ruffs.
Debie xxx