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Blogland is Brilliant!

Oh the wonderful things you can find when having a nosey around all the other blogs that other people follow, anyway I found a wonderful youtube video on silke's witches its a lovely song with a very Burton-esque video

I really would love to add it to my blog but havent a clue how to do it so if anyone can help me out so I can show it I will be forever grateful :-)
Edit - thanx to Gaye sending me the 'what to do email' I managed to do it ! so don't feel quite so thick now - Yay!! :o)

Ive not done any mini-ing over the last few days as I've had my mum visiting (think she came to check out my lads new flat wasnt too much of a hovel!) but am looking forward to getting back to my 'to-do list' tomorrow as I do get withdrawal symptoms!


Debbie said...

Wendie, Silke is a really lovely lady and she has a few blogs. Here's a link to her Miniature one. http://silkesminiatures.blogspot.com/ there is also a link on there to her main blog..
Mini Hugs

Julie Kendall said...

I couldn't get the link to work:O( but that could just be my side....heaven knows i have had my fair share of comp bloppers this week:O)
Know what you mean about the itch to sculpt i have given up with the decorating for now and cleared enough space for elbows and clay......its an addiction im sure.
Hope your well me dears

Julie Kendall said...

oooooooooo just found it Wendi...isn't it wonderful!!!!
Thanx you

MiniMaker said...

Hi Wendie,
I just sent you an email about how to embed the video into your blog. Hope it helps!


Debie Lyons said...

Its great Wendikins thank you for sharing. I told you that you would love blogland :O)
Mini Hugs

Debie xxx

MiniKat said...

Fantastic! :-)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Brilliant video and nice song too.
Glad you are enjoying blogland. Its unbelievable because it opens up another new world to miniatures not ever seen if you dont blog and follow blogs.
I never thought i'd like blogging but its addictive... lol.
Hope you get lots of time to sculpt.
Nikki x