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More awards!

OOh its like luvvies day around here LOL! got another 2 awards today :o) Julie from Jakdaws attic returned the award I passed to her

and then Debie sent me a sweet one too.

so to show my appreciatation of the award My Top 7 Loves are :
1. Hubbs and Kids - without them I just wouldn't be me - they are my soul mates. (does this use up more 'loves'? if so I admit greed and need more than 7 loves!)
2. My Pets - my dog Twinkle is as daft as a limp brush, drives me nuts but I wouldn't be without her or my chickens - I know they are plural but would use up all my 7 if I listed them individually!
3. My Miniatures - ....? perhaps this isnt so much a love as an addiction, in fact I was going to name my 'business' A Miniature Addiction!
4. My mini friends - kind and thoughtful, all generous sharing their knowledge, I love that I need all of you x
5. The internet - what a fantastic invention it was ! and all the neat things you can research or learn or just admire and for free! (I love free!)
6. My life! - sure there are things that I'd like to be a bit different, but I'm happy how things are and like to think of my cup being half full not half empty.
7 .and finally....Jaffa cakes! - shallow I know but hey, they have to be in here somewhere!

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Debbie said...

Congratulations Wendie..
Mini Hugs