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Tudor Dolls

Ok so they are not my usual spooky, oddbods but I just had to show off my new dressmaking skills. These are the dolls that I made at Tiggy's workshop last weekend, well not both of them, I made the lady one when I visited her last time , it was only the gent I made this time. I really thought that the gent would be the easier of the two but he was a tricky so & so and I admit defeat with the ruffs! they got the better of me & are far from perfect but they did my head in trying to get them just right - lots of cussing was mumbled!


Debie Lyons said...

Wendiekins, they are great, and their costumes are made so well. Your way to harsh on yourself.
Debie xxx

MiniKat said...

I think they're lovely! I adore the lady's sleeves and the trim on her gown. I used to make full sized Tudor clothes. Ah the memories of drowning in ruffles. ;-)

Jean Day said...

You must have enjoyed making them so much! They turned out perfectly and make a very nice couple. Thanks for sharing.

Mini Hugs, Jean

Julie Kendall said...

Well I think yours are perfect:O)
I still need to finish mine ..Will let you know how i get on with the hat.....:O)

Debbie said...

Fabulous Wendie. The lady one reminds me of Anne Boleyn.