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I got tagged!

I got tagged by Debbie of Tiny Treasures , who has the most amazing recreation of Diagon Alley - check out her slide show on her blog!
The tag asks you to name six unimportant things that make you happy...... This is a dilemma for me as what makes me happy isn't unimportant! ? (scratching head time) I then have to pass it on to six other people and they have to do the same thing to six others, on to infinity.
I'll do my six happy things now but will hold on for a bit to pass it on as I need to put my thinking cap on....
1. Jaffa Cakes! yummmmmmy little things that always make me smile.... there are 12 in a packet so if I eat 2 at a time does that take up all 6 things I have to list?
no? erm..................................
2. Listening to my kids laughing
3. Seeing other peoples kids laughing
4. Playtime with my dog, my kids, with friends, by myself - whatever
5. Taking time to stop and smell the flowers
6. My stuff - its mainly little things and it all makes me very happy! (shallow perhaps but I'm trying to be honest LOL)

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