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Paperclay Chimneys

I have really neglected my dolls house recently, so as I don't have any dolls to do this week, I decided sod the housework, I need to do a bit of essentials like working out how to put a chimney breast in the Skool of Majick so the poor trainee witches have somewhere to prepare their potions. The bigger one is going in the kitchen / spellroom and the smaller one in the lounge. I've not played with paperclay like this before so am quite pleased how its gone so far, although I'm a bit wary about adding the paint effect cos it took ages to dry and Im convinced that as soon as the paint goes on that the clay is all going to fall off!! only one way to find out though.


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Wow that is so great, cant believe its your first attempt! Did you just scribe in the stone work it looks fab! I recently did an pie oven for my first paperclay attempt and i think as long as you glue on the clay onto the wood it will be fine, just go ahead and paint. Mine stayed together fine, painting it in acrylics and then a wash to dirty it up abit. Good luck with it, looks great so far and cant wait to see the witches potion room. Kate xx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Your fireplace looks wonderful so far and will be fine when you paint it. The paperclay will stay on. I'll pop a picture of my finished firplace on my photo gallery blog today for you to have a nose at. If you click on my profile you can find my other blog.
I used glitter for the glow in the fireplace.
Thank you loads also for my blog award and will sort it out this evening or tomorrow and award to others. Its much appreciated.
Nikki x

Debbie said...

Wendie you've done a brilliant job on your chimney breast. Can't wait to see the paint job..
Mini Hugs x

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Kate _ I didnt know about having to glue it on first!! Aaarrrrgghh now I know its gonna fall of LMAO! & yes the stones are just scribed on, used an embossing tool thing with a ball on the end.(very technical term - 'thing')
Nikki - I'll pop & have a nosey in a minute, Ta.
Ok lunchbreak over - back to work!!

Debie Lyons said...

Looking good Wendiekins. If it does fall off, it should come off in one piece and then you can glue it then methinks :O).